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Lots of interesting titles to explore but Theory of Bastards sounds like one I need to add to my list!


Warlight is going on my TBR list. I loved the movie, but never really got into The English Patient as a novel, but I was so moved by Anil’s Ghost about the internal wars in Sri Lanka and would like to read more by him. I’m resisting the others, tantalizing though they are. (Well, maybe Theory of Bastards) Your reading lists are always so tempting!


The only I'm familiar with is Simone St James. I continue to be amazed at all the titles there are that I've never heard of...& I consider myself to be a fairly well-read person. My own list just keeps growing.


Europa Editions is like NYRB--they publish such great things and rarely steer me wrong. I almost always have several of their forthcoming books on my wishlist-this sounded interesting!


I have been so tempted to order it from Canada, where I think it might be out already, but have made myself just get in line for a library copy as I am bad about buying hardcovers and then taking ages to get to them. I read The English Patient a long time ago--so long that it has faded from memory but I have recollections that I liked it--have not read Anil's Ghost. He is very good, isn't he--so looking forward to his newest. Far too many interesting books coming out and now the Women's Prize longlist will be out next week and likely will tempt me with lots of more new books!


I know-where do all these new books come from. It's crazy and impossible to keep up. Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing her tail. I always think I am pretty up to date on new books--at least being familiar even if I have not read most of them, but it is amazing how often I am also surprised by something new.

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