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I read this one last year and really loved it. I loved how Hanai was practically "living" another life in her letters and I can sort of understand how that happened to her as she felt so alone. You are right, after you finish it you can't but keep thinking about the characters. Great review, Danielle!


I really like his writing--you should try his book, Homesick--I bet you would like it, too! So, do you think that she imagined it all or not? I can't imagine being stuck inside an apartment all the time with no other adult to talk to!

Buried In Print

When you first mentioned this one, I couldn't find it at the library but, now, it's there! Either I was spelling something incorrectly, or they've purchased it recently (possible, as there is quite a hold list for it too). I love the idea of stories which revolve around apartment buildings and I'm so glad to hear that you felt, in the end, the second section made sense to you!


That's always the way it is--whatever you want most you won't be able to find but the minute you have moved on--there is it! I'm glad it is so popular-are you going to read it at some point? I like novels set in apartments--what is it about that setting? Something voyeuristic?

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