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Re: Elena Ferrante -you are not the only one, on two attempts I have never got past the first fifty pages. Maybe the third time will be the charm?


I tried the first in Ferrante books and quit after just a little while. I couldn't get into it at all. I keep thinking I should try again because everyone else seems to love the books. I'll be curious to hear what you think of them.


I love these posts - so many new bookish things to investigate when I have a little leisure time!
As I recall from my compulsive reading of her when I was in my teens (no such thing as YA purpose written books in those days - at least not available in the UK) Victoria Holt wrote about a number of creepy manor houses set all over Britain and at least one in Europe which as I recall was in the Black Forest. I keep wondering whether to attempt a re -read but I'm not sure it isn't better to leave them as a pleasant memory....

I read most of Michael Dibdin's Zen books years ago and enjoyed them but didn't finish the series. I can't bring myself to part with them though so maybe I ought to revisit especially as I have the mental image of lovely Rufus Sewell as Zen. I have to return to Donna Leon 's Brunetti series as well - I used to read each one as it came out but stopped a few years ago so now I have a bit of a backlog as I still can't break the habit of acquiring them even though they just go on the shelf - there must be about 5 waiting to be read and a new one just out.
I have the Robert Hellenga book and three of the Ian Pears art mysteries too, all sitting waiting for their time...maybe they need to be dusted off now, if I can avoid getting distracted by new books at the library ( which definitely does gave fewer books than it used to)


Sometimes it takes a while to get in the right mood, doesn't it?! I am not sure why I hesitate--too many books on the go and they look like they require a lot of attention?


The books seem pretty formidable to me. I seem to be forever in the 'thinking about reading this' mode with them. I have tackled two (well almost the second) NYRBs this year that kind of formidable--so I know I can do it...I am curious about them and should really just dive right in. At least I am not alone in my hesitation!


I don't think I ever read any Holt novels when I was a teen--but they do appeal--even now. I know what you mean about not wanting to return to a book in fear you will spoil a good memory. I think of her as being like (in mood anyway) Mary Stewart--at least a bit, but maybe more Gothic-y.

I Am in the mood for some Italian crime, but then I have several mysteries on the go, so I keep putting myself off. I want to get back to Commissario Ricciardi, or maybe de Giovanni's other modern series. I only read one Dibdin novel, set in Italy, but not a Zen book--I think I pretty much own all the Zen novels in the hope I will someday read them. (Why did they not continue filming the books--Rufus Sewell makes a perfect Zen!). And I read my first Donna Leon before she hit it big in the US. I had to order her books from the UK. I didn't mean to stop reading them--but you know how it goes when it is a mystery series--there are so many good ones and so hard to keep up with all of them. So I keep thinking I need to get back to them but it has been so long since I read one. Probably does not matter and I can just pick up where I left off. I also have some Ian Pears books, and I read one of Hellenga's books, but not the one they mentioned. Shh--I ordered a used copy of the one they mentioned. Sigh. I just don't get it that I already have too many books and need to stop acquiring for a while....


I've only read the first of the Elena Ferrante books, and even though I finished it, I didn't find it that compelling. I recently passed up the chance to buy copies of the next two books from my library's book store (at $1 each). I don't know that I'll continue reading, despite all the great reviews.

I've been frustrated occasionally by the choice of my library system to only buy digital copies of certain books, especially books that are primarily visual in nature--I mean what the heck? I know that's not exactly what the article was about, but it feels related in my mind.


That's so funny that you can read so well at the gym! I cannot do that at all there but I understand not being able to read at home so much. I think it's because we get too distracted by other things right? I know before I know it, I'm online looking for something and before you know it hours have gone away where they could have been spent reading a book! Love the postcards you linked and I think I need those too :)


I know all about still acquiring books when you have no business doing so - I went out in search of specific books for other people and came back with none of them but three for myself. Oops...


You must not been too impressed to have left two cheap books like that behind! But you can tell when you just don't want to return to a story--and buying them just takes up valuable closet shelf space, right?! ;) I know what you mean by whether a library gets a book and in what format. Can you make requests to your library to purchase books? We are allowed five requests each month at my public library. If they are recent publications and not too esoteric they are really good about ordering in the requests. I think I am at three requests this month--LOL. I don't always use my five requests, but it comes in handy when I see something I want to read but don't want to order it in hardcover!


I am lucky I can read while walking or riding the bike. I know some people get motion sickness. I have seen young students running(!) on threadmills while holding their phones and looking into them--now that I could not do! I just exercise at a nice moderate pace, so it works. When I am at home I always feel like I should be throwing in a load of laundry or something-but when you are somewhere else (like walking on a treadmill) it is so much easier to focus on just reading (and walking of course!). I have been trying not to buy new postcards, but there are so many really tempting ones out there these days!


Oh yes, I know how that goes. I do have a number of gift cards for B&N that I use that I hoard from Christmas and my birthday, but online ordering is another matter. I milk those gift cards! At least the Book Depository has free shipping and they do give small discounts--as I order from them most frequently. I only have to be patient for the mail to run its course!


You know, I don't know if we're able to make requests. I'll have to look into it. That would be terrific!


A lot of libraries will order newer releases that their patrons ask for--my public library allows five requests per month. I often even manage to ask for five books! ;)

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