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This sounds really good though I would like to read it only. Not a movie buff.


The book came first and is a very worthy read. The nice thing about the story is you get all the nuances that are hard to pick up just watching. It's a book I am happy to recommend!


This does sound like a wonderful story and I'm glad you found that film was a good interpretation fo the book. This one wasn't really on my radar but now it is!


There is so much to choose from, isn't there? I am not sure I would ever have picked it up but I saw the trailer and was totally drawn in to the idea of the story. It doesn't hurt that the setting is Italy either!

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

I only discovered recently that there was a book... and now I want to read the book before I see the film. But that usually means I end up not managing to do either!


The book actually came out quite a while ago--I didn't realize it has been published so long ago and from what I understand there must be a sort of cult following for it. I always try and read the book first, but rarely do I seem to manage it. At least this time I read *most* of the book first--lol. Luckily this was a case where I liked both equally well!

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