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Owning four, available at my library two, available through ILL five. This list has definitely possibilities for me too! The only thing is, now I am curious what you did not list...
Exciting news your plans for Colorado in May.
How wonderful that you can look forward to that.


Check out Lonely City :Adventures in the art of being alone.beautifully written being alone in New York City,


Author Olivia lang


Loved your post! By coincidence, I recently purchased Laing's Lonely City, although I'm afraid it's on the TBR pile -- despite good intentions, it's hard for me to read anything but novels. I enjoyed the list, which has several interesting possibilities. I'm afraid I've been dodging Janet Frame for years, don't quite know why; maybe this will be the year I see whether I like her writing as much as everyone else seems to. I'm so glad you liked Pym's Quartet in Autumn, as it's a favorite of mine as well (read it the first time when I was very young and it didn't leave much of an impression; re-read it a couple of years ago and it blew me away. I'm a big fan of Pym's and this is IMO one of her best). The Mantel I also read many years ago and, although I liked it, my memory of it is pretty dim. The Rhy's book -- bleak, bleak, bleak but (surprise) beautifully written. As for Anita Brookner (I was also a big fan), don't you think all of her protagonists are figures struggling with solitude and connections? I stopped reading her novels about halfway through her prolific career, but that's certainly my memory of her earlier output.


I keep coming across books that would be perfect and mentally noting them, but then when I try and remember the books I have seen I cannot remember titles. So I am hoping to go through my lists and such and actually writing them down now. I know I have other nonfiction titles that would work. I just got the Janet Frame book today from ILL and will start it at the gym tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Colorado works. I really need a change of scenery. It has been a long cold dreary winter that just will not give up. With everything that happened in the fall and a let down of a holiday season I am dragging. Something pretty to look at and to be in--the mountains, would do no end of good I think! Will you pick one of these to read, too, since you have access to many of them? :)


I have that one actually, not yet read, but I ran out of room on my list. I think I heard it is about artists and writers? I think someone told me about it and it sounded different than I had in mind--which is not a bad thing, just my idea of it might not be exactly what she is writing about.


Thanks! I have another book by her about a river--To the River.


I just got the Frame book from ILL today so I am ready to dive in. I do think she seems pretty formidable and I have looked at her books but also never brought myself to picking one up. However, I read this description and the moment just seems right. I hope it is more accessible than I am imagining it to be. I love Pym--I think had I read that book when I was younger I would have not 'gotten it' or appreciated it. It also came around at just the right moment and I loved it. The Rhys does seem pretty dark--I have only read The Wide Sargasso Sea--I think she had a difficult life. I want to read it (and I have a bio of her as well), but I could not find my copy when I went to look over the weekend. Best to concentrate on the Frame book for now anyway!


I have two library books I´m reading just now, after that I think I first will reread Sarton, and then request
Sweet Bean Paste and maybe the one by Olivia Laing that was mentioned in the comments. I would prefer Lonely but that is the one I cannot find.


Which Sarton are you rereading? I would like to read Journal of Solitude again and I also have Plant Dreaming Deep, which I think you recommended! Put Sweet Bean Paste on hold.... ;) I also have the Laing--two of her books actually, so if you get to it soon, let me know what you think!

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