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You would be shocked at the state of my nightstand. It only has three books on it! I just finished a book, and I need to choose books for an upcoming trip, so I'm trying to finish up what I can before I leave. It's a strange feeling!


Love seeing the book piles. I am down to two books on my nightstand and I swear the bookmarks are not moving! Can't wait to see what you bought.


So few! What does that feel like??? Are you going to Paris soon? I can understand wanting to leave a tidy reading pile when you are planning on being away. And then you will maybe get to choose something while traveling?


Two books. What a thought! Actually I often think of paring down--it would be a big change--I wonder if I could do it? Before I began blogging I was a one or *maybe* two book at a time reader. See what all my online meanderings and meeting other readers has done to me?? (I feel like my bookmarks are not moving either, too).

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