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I'm pretty sure you'll like the movie. You can tell I did indeed! If I can add a personal memory, I watched it by myself a few years ago at a movie theater close to the champs elysées, and then I bought 2 macaroons from Ladurée nearby. It looks close enough to dorayaki, even if the taste is completely different of course. Please do tell us about the differences between the book and the movie!


I didn't manage to watch it over the weekend, but I plan on doing so soon. I hope I am right in thinking it is online somewhere and I will just stream it. I like your macaroon idea and I even know a pastry shop where they make them--expensive but my sister assures me they are delicious. I can order dorayaki online, but I would only want one as they are not likely anywhere near what the real thing tastes like--not a package of five!


This sounds lovely. I really enjoyed the only book I've read that was translated from Japanese--Moshi Moshi--and it had a bit of a melancholy feel as well.


It really is a lovely read and one I can easily recommend to people. I think I have heard of Moshi Moshi--it sounds familiar. I would like to read some Japanese crime this year--I have several very promising looking books on my pile.

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