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Those do sound tasty! I'm with you I wouldn't mind going to Japan to try these out :)


Somehow bean paste sounds kind of odd when it comes to sweet pastry, but I have a feeling it works really well!


This looks like an interesting read, and the movie looks good, too. I see dorayaki can be mail ordered from Amazon (!) but the reviews are mixed. Even if they weren’t, the real thing is sure to be much better. I saw a Japanese bakery while visiting Portland Oregon a few years ago, so maybe they can be found a little closer. Enjoy your reading!


Sweet bean paste is pretty common in Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Being of Chinese descent I have pretty much been eating it in some form all of my life. I have not seen it in between patties like that though. It is usually a filling in a bun or a pastry or a pancake or something along those lines.


I watched the movie and ate the cake. Loved the movie! Not completely in love with the cake, which was pretty bland to my taste (I was a bit disappointed by the dough too, I had assumed it was pancake batter but it was much more like a cake dough, or perhaps the one I had was not authentic??). I'm pretty sure that you could perhaps get those cakes in an American city with a Asian neighborhood.


Ha, I had no idea. I might just have to do that as I think I will not be able to find any locally--ha, just looked it up--that is really funny. It is a little scary how you can find almost anything on Amazon. I suspect, like with any confectionary, pre-packaged is nothing like the real thing you find in a bakery! I don't think I will find anywhere in Omaha, but maybe eventually when I travel somewhere larger (will I Ever get to go back to San Francisco??), where there are real Asian neighborhoods I might find it. The book, however, is literally quite 'delicious'.


I think the only time/place I have eaten Chinese/Asian food that is relatively close to being the real thing was in San Francisco when I went a few years back and ate in a Dim Sum restaurant (and was really good). I guess I knew that beans were part of Asian cuisine, but you almost don't expect beans to be sweet. Now I will have to Google it and see what the real thing looks like. This is what I love about reading--and especially reading books translated from other languages--getting to sample other cultures (literally and figuratively).


And I plan on doing the same! ;) I am really looking forward to seeing the movie after reading the book--maybe this weekend. I am curious about trying a doryaki now--I won't find them here in Omaha--maybe when I travel someday. I might try one that I can order online, but I suspect it is not going to be like the real thing so maybe I should forego that? I think I read the cake part is meant to taste like a sponge cake?


Yes, exactly, sponge cake dough! But the one I tried was rather dry, probably because it wasn't made to order in the shop like in the book!!


It *sounds* like it could be yummy made by a real confectionary, but pre-packaged...maybe not. Dry sponge cake is not appealing in any case!

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