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Joan Kyler

Of your book haul, the one that interests me most is Hedy's Folly. Several years ago, I read something about her non-acting activities. Katrina at Pining for the West just mentioned that there is a 2017 documentary about Lamarr called Bombshell.


I have started reading that one as a matter of fact and it is really interesting. I like how he writes and might even look at his other books--even if they are about the atomic bomb! Thanks for the heads up on the film, I will look for it!


Hurray for more Maigret! I have not taken to the Aimee Bender book, but the Lamarr book seems quite fascinating!


I love Maigret--I keep picking Simenon's books up whenever I find good used copies. Maybe the next time I go to the used bookstore there will still be a selection as I had to choose and leave some behind! I had seen that Aimee Bender book all over the place years ago, and not been tempted, but somehow it just appealed when I was at the bookstore. We'll see what I make of her--when I finally get around to it!

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