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Kudos to you and good luck! Don’t know if you saw but the author interviewed in this week’s NYT By the Book picked Vikram Seth as someone she would like to have dinner with and said A Suitable Boy is one of her favorite books.


Good luck! I have Great Expectations sitting on my night table right now, and I seem to be stuck in it, though I was enjoying it when I started. Maybe this weekend I will get back to it, since I will probably finish In Farleigh Field in the next couple of days.


I didn't see that--thanks for the link! I had been enjoying it very much, but I am bogged down in a chapter of a character I have less interest in. I could probably skim it or even skip it, but I always fear missing something important! I will keep at it--even if it takes me the rest of the year to finish! And I think his sequel--a Suitable Girl is supposed to be published this year, too!


I should really just put books back on the shelf when they sit there so long--obviously my mood has shifted, but I get a little OCD about that. I really liked Farleigh Field! I had her newer one out from the library, but it kind of didn't appeal at the moment, so maybe I will pick it up later. (I have never read Great Expectations by the way--really should....).

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