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So many interesting titles. I'm kind of drawn to The Eight Mountains and this from someone who typically reads more about women's relationships or men & women. I hope you enjoy all of your reads!


Your little binge sounds pretty wonderful to me! Isn't it fun to just buy a big pile of books? It always makes me feel like Christmas! I actually started reading Tangerine (saw it reviewed in The Guardian) and put it aside about a third of the way through. It was well-written and very atmospheric, but it just didn't fit my mood at the time (I had been reading a lot of mysteries and needed to switch to something else). I'll probably go back to it at some point and I'll certainly be interested in learning of your reaction.


I think that one, and Tangerine are the library books I most want to read. I need to get to them soon as they cannot be renewed right now--too popular. Always a dilemma with books with approaching due dates! I also tend to gravitate more towards books about women's lives, but I am trying to keep a more open mind! :)


Yes! I don't feel too bad about library books--they can be returned and checked out again and no worries about having spent money I should not be spending. My weekly bookstore visits are a treat that I really look forward to, too. I know what you mean when you have read too much of a genre and need to wait on a book--better to set it aside for later than feel like you are slogging along, right? I wish I had more time to spend with all these....


I DO see why your reading piles are so big. I don't know how you resist not dipping into every single one of those books, all at once. (Or do you resist?) I see several that I would like to read myself. Only I have multiple books on the go right now already...


My problem is that I cannot wait to finish books already in progress and Have to start new ones. It is an endless vicious cycle.

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