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This sounds like a fabulous suspense read. I’m adding her to my check-out-at-the-library list. I’ll see what they have by her. Thanks for the tip! There is so much mystery/suspense out there, it’s hard to know what to choose


I'm sure you will like the Stratton books as Laura Wilson has a very sure sense of time and place and I know you like books set during World War Two which is when the series starts.


ooh similar to Barbara Vine/Ruth Rendell? I'm there! I haven't read this author but will definitely be looking for her books.


She is very good and if you like Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine, I think you will like her. I have been 'collecting' her backlist of books but I wouldn't mind picking up the first of her mystery series set in WWII featuring DI Stratton. Yes, there is way too much and I am constantly being drawn to yet another--just when I find one and think I am going to keep reading straight through a series, I get distracted!


I do, and pulled out the first of the series--Yes, both Laura Wilson AND CHE--I have another little pile of want-to-reads sitting by my bed. I clear the pile away and then immediately I start a new one. She is very good in her standalones!


She is very good--not exactly a typical mystery series and not exactly a crime novel but sort of both--I guess you could call them thrillers? But not exactly in the current trendy variety popular at the moment.


I'm intrigued! I'll try to see if there's any library book available...


I hope you find it. I really like her writing. She is more a slow burn sort of storyteller, but I like that when it is done well!

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