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The book about 1918 is due out in either May or June this year and I am very much looking forward to it as I have loved all the previous ones and I am curious to know what fate has in store for the family, particularly Sadie who is a lovely character.

Joan Kyler

For those interested in Harrod-Eagles' Morland saga, the first five books are available today as e-books from Amazon for either $0.99 or $1.99 each. Great deal!


What a great saga! I have not read anything by her but the books sound like great stories you can sink into and spend some wonderful hours with!

Rick Robinson

I have read some of her mystery series, but am not familiar with these. I hope the library has them!


I wonder if that will be the last one? I pulled out 1916 over the weekend to read the blurb--I want to start it now, but should really try and *finish* at least one other book first. I notice that Sadie is not even mentioned, though I am sure her storyline will be good. I like her the best of the lot--I fear Diana is going to marry Charles's odious brother and come to regret it. Such a drama--but I love those!


Thanks for sharing that! I wonder if they are still priced so low? I really need to get back to those books--I just can't quite seem to get excited about the Restoration era. Once I get past it I am sure I will zip along.


She is very good when it comes to historical fiction. And I love this era so I am looking forward to the next book. Yes, so easy to get caught up in family sagas!


I should try her mysteries--I know I have at least one on hand. I hope you find these books--I very much have enjoyed the first two and am ready to pick up the next one--very soon.

Rick Robinson

I just got the first one from the library yesterday, but need to finish the book I'm currently reading (KA by John Crowley) before I can start.


So glad you were able to get a copy. I am very eager to read the next one, but I am trying to finish a few other books first.... Enjoy it when you get to it!

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