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Buried In Print

There is a "Backlisted" podcast episode about one of her books which I quite enjoyed...if you're looking for listening to back up your reading selections (as if you need any distractions = heheh). :)


I will have to look for this-is the podcast called 'Backlisted'? I am very much enjoying the book so far and would love to hear more about it. I think I have most of her books--read the first and then had to have them all with the intention of reading them in order. Well, I have given up the idea of reading them in order but I do want to read them all nonethelss. And I have actually been listening to podcasts (mostly beaks and geeks) while making my dinner and getting my lunch ready--one of the nice things about coming home and not having to eat 'en famille' if you know what I mean. I do my stuff at leisure.

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