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Michelle Ann

I must admit the first entry made me smile. Sarah Thomas must be pretty hardy if she was voluntarily spending time under a hedge in December!

Joan Kyler

I love diaries, too. My journal isn't nearly as interesting or poetic as his! My library doesn't have a copy of this, so I had to order a used copy from Amazon. Geez, Danielle, just as I was trying to find places for all my books in my new library! Thanks a lot!


I love how one book will lead us to search for another, etc. Looks like you found a gem. I need to go to the bookstore this weekend because I'm on the hunt for a botanical book.. Sort of like Edith Holden's Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.


I'm finally trying to catch up on your posts after being out of town. I'm so glad you like Susan Hill's book. It's always fun to explore new titles on the recommendation of authors (and bloggers) you like. I quite enjoy reading diaries, too--incurable nosiness, I expect.


I’ve had Kilvert’s Diary (extracts edited by William Plomer, I believe, being too lazy to go track it down) on my bookshelf for years. I think W.H. Auden recommends it in one of his books. You may be inspiring me to go dig it out!


That first sentence should end “ without ever reading it.” ;)


Imagine! It sounds like something out of a Thomas Hardy novel! I feel sort of bad for her--and to have it noted down in someone's diary. But the response did make me smile, too.


I tried to keep a diary, but when I went back and reread it made me cringe inwardly so much I tore out the pages and never tried it again. The idea of someone finding it and reading it scared me too much. But I love the idea of keeping a diary--so I will keep reading them anyway! It is a lovely book--and I think it is one that is worth having on your shelves. I have been dipping into to the copy I found.


I go off on new reading paths all the time and especially with this Susan Hill book--she piques my interest and then I think, now I want to read 'this' next! I hope you found your botanical book--I have looked at Diary of an Edwardian Lady--it is a cool book. I wonder if any of Beatrix Potter's books would work for what you are looking for?


I seem to have slowed down on posting, so no worries on missing anything here (I think Instagram has been pulling my attention in that direction lately....). I love diaries and even have books about keeping diaries--I've read a few of them. Maybe I should try and squeeze in a diary sometime this year.


Yes, William Plomer is the guy--Susan Hill writes very warmly about him! :) I have far too many books on my shelves that have not yet been read. I am bad that way..... And I pull books of my shelves when someone else writes or talks about them. An endless cycle--lol.

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