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Yes, I do see. Several marvelous-sounding books here. I especially love the sound of The Shadow Year (an example of the transformation power of renovations once again). I'm having the same problem right now with wanting to start new books when I already have far too many on the go. I'm trying hard to finish up something so I can start reading something new. A little bookish insanity on my part.


No, not insanity...let's call it enthusiasm! :) It's funny, or curious how much I like the same sort of story and never tire of reading it....


I love going through my own piles of books although I don't think they're up to your standards! If you're still looking for light & frothy, read Vinegar Girl! It's really well done and is a clever spin on the play and is just plain funny in spots.


I can be pretty frugal, but I seem to make up for it when it comes to books--which I have no control over my book buying habits it seems. I think that book buying is my release--it makes me feel happy to get a book in the mail. I should probably try and find some other way to splurge on myself, but I try and think of books as being an investment (listen to me try and rationalize!). So good to know that about the Vinegar Girl--now I have Miss Buncle and Vinegar Girl to look over later tonight! :) (And I think my light and frothy mood is going to hang around for a while...).


You've got some great books on your piles. Is that a new Natsuo Kirino book? I don't think I'd heard of it and I really liked one of her books I read several years ago. I'm also really interested in the Lisa Jewell book. I've found her stories really enjoyable and easy to get into. Hope you find some good quality time to sit and spend time with your books!


You've got some great sounding books in your new stash, Malice is the one I would choose. I just added 7 books and posted about them. I buy faster than I can read and confess that I am a bookaholic.


Yup, I’ve got bedside book pile(s), couch side book piles, books-that-need-a-place-on-a-shelf piles... and Vinegar Girl is in one of them ;). I do love Anne Tyler. Your options all sound intriguing, as your book lists have a way of doing. So many good books out there, so many choices! Hope you can find some time for lemonade and a book or two sometime soon.


No bedside bookpile here, not even a nightstand stack, all my books neatly on the shelves, patiently waiting for their happy hour.
Only two books on my desk. One poetry, one non fiction. Would I add a novel it would be possible I would add Lisa Jewell´s I Found You. It sounds intriguing. Happy reading Danielle.


Dani made me do it, so after checking out excerpts from each, now I have more books in MY book pile: WILD HARES & HUMMINGBIRDS, MORVILLE HOURS, and MAGIC APPLE TREE.


I can definitely recommend both Vinegar Girl and Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves - quite different books but both well worth reading and very enjoyable.
I am no more capable of resisting books than you as you know. Despite the fact that I am supposed to be clearing the house out in preparation for a move, they are still being brought in.


The Kirino is new-ish. It is a retelling of a Japanese myth--so one of those series books like The Vinegar Girl. I love those books--it is fun to read the original myth (or play) and then the retelling. Lisa Jewell is definitely a good escapist read. I am looking forward to this one as it has a nice seaside setting!


I am in the same boat--I am a slow reader (this year in particular) so I add more books to my shelves than I can tick off from my 'have read' list!! I am contemplating what my summer reading project will be and Malice is likely to end up on that pile... :)


Since I have housemates my books tend to stay in my bedroom or my bookroom, but if the place was all mine, they likely would be sprawled out all over the place. I have not really read Anne Tyler--which is kind of crazy since she seems like an author everyone else has read (or should read), but I have a small pile of her books. This one sounds like fun. I need some free afternoons and a quiet corner to read in peace!


I like the idea of a nice tidy shelves and space for them all to wait their turn. I have nothing much in my life right now that is very tidy. I think my disorganized piles are sadly a reflection on the rest of my actually does bother me. I am ready to pick up another mystery/thriller as I am nearing the end of the book I am currently reading. Perhaps it should be the Jewell book--I have been 'trying out' other books in my mind to be honest (getting a little ahead of myself).


I'll take the blame as long as they end up being really good reads for you! :) Actually from the comments of other readers who have read them, I think we are both safe that we are in for a treat. Perfect summer reading, I think!


Oh good--and different is a good thing, too. I want to start several of these right now! Which is why they sit so near my bed. I wish I could either have more self-control or could read faster!! My latest purchase is Michael Ondaatje's new book Gaslight--is it on your list of books to look for, too?


Sad confession time - I haven't read anything by Michael Ondaatje at all and hadn't realised that he had a new book out. I'm not sure why I've missed reading him - probably like you with Anne Tyler!


Well, I know how that goes only TOO well. I am sure I have loads of books on my shelves by authors I 'should' have read by now but never seemed to get around to. I am looking forward to this--I hope it is as good as I am expecting. And I really really should read Anne Tyler this year...

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