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I love being part of a book group because you do get so many different perspectives and I always feel like I come away with something. So glad you enjoyed your first meet up with the book group!


Being in a book group forced me to read books I otherwise might not have picked up. That said, I dropped out of a book group because of 2 people - if they didn't like the book, they felt there was no need to discuss. No one was strong enough to overcome them...they just shut down all discussion. Book group became quite tense & that's not what I signed up for.

Read The Room on Rue was good.


It has been ages since I was in a book club and you are right--it is nice being in a diverse group as we all have different interests and reactions to the book. I am hoping it will help me read a little out of my comfort zone.


Yeah, book groups can be really good, but they can also be off-putting if the discussions turn combative. I want my enjoyment or appreciation for a book to be enhanced or broadened but not ruined. It should be fun not frustrating! Glad to hear you liked The Room on Rue Amelie--I am not far in but I like it so far!

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