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Margaret Powling

I expect you have read The Seven Sisters books Lucinda Riley, Danielle? If not, they might fit the bill. Also, the latest by Judith Lennox, Hidden Lives, is a good read (I've not finished it yet, but almost at the end.) This is another dual narrative, set in 1930 and 1970, I'm loving it. I wouldn't say that they are tremendously light reading, but they are good reading.
Margaret P


In such moods I generally head for old favorites, rather than taking a chance by exploring new ground! One of my reliable authors is Georgette Heyer -- light, frothy and funny without being stupid. The Unknown Ajax or The Grand Sophy frequently fit the bill!


Sixteen Candles - Love that! I feel like I've been reading a lot of psychological thrillers so I totally understand the need for a different change of pace. How about a more "gentle" mystery like the Carola Dunn books? Looking forward to hearing about your summer reading project!


I'm not sure these would fit the bill exactly, but I do find them gentle reading: May Sarton's diaries. The joy she finds in solitude and in the simple pleasures of flowers and animals...they bring me comfort.


I quite enjoyed The Light of Paris so I'm glad you are liking it so far. As to other suggestions - well any of Nicky Pellegrino's books qualify being full of Italian sunshine and lovely characters and (usually) satisfying endings.
I also really love Elin Hilderbrand's Nantucket-set books although that might be a bit close to home for you!
I really enjoyed Dangerous Crossing - it is certainly gripping but I'm not sure I would call it frothy.


I know the feeling. Sometimes it's just "all too much," and only something frothy will do. I often choose to reread some Mary Stewart, Agatha Christie, or even Anne of Green Gables.


I recently enjoyed Maisie Dobbs that you recommended so much, perhaps there's an episode that you haven't read yet? She's just so nice and kind


Actually I have yet to read Lucinda Riley, though after reading your comment a few days ago I ordered the first book and am waiting for my copy. It sounds really good! (It's been a while since we have chatted and I forgot how much our reading tastes overlap!). I have read and very much like Judith Lennox--hadn't thought of her but I have a number of her books on hand as yet unread! I have added her newest to my wishlist but as it is only in cloth at the moment (and a pricey oversize paperback) I will have to wait to get it. I like dual narratives when they are done well. By the way, did you see that Katharine McMahon has a new book slated to come out soon?


I often go to old standbys, too. I have my own list of reliable good and much loved books that I am happy to read over and over again. Sometimes I do that and sometimes I want to discover something new! I love Georgette Heyer--When her books were being reissued I was reading a few every year like clockwork, but I have not picked up any for a while. She has actually crossed my mind of late--and I have yet to read The Grand Sophy! I don't think I have read The Grand Ajax either--maybe I will take a peek at them...add one or two to my comfort read pile! :)


I love that movie--so very 80s but it is still fun to watch. I have slowed down a bit on thrillers/mysteries but I have several recently released in paperback novels that I am very much looking forward to getting to. I am reading a new mystery that I got as an ARC and have an Agatha Christie on my night table. Oh yes, I love Carola Dunn and I have not read one of hers in a while. She is a perfect comfort read. I think the last one I read saw Daisy and Alec finally getting married. I am trying to tidy things up a bit before embarking on my summer reading-I *think* I know where my literary destination is going to be, but I am still a little undecided.... I have not been very inspired to post here lately but I want to get back into the blogging groove!


I love May Sarton. As I have two NF books on the go I will keep this idea in reserve (while I have no qualms about reading a load of novels at once, the idea of more than two NF books makes me a little nervous. (Especially when I have several partially read books sitting in that languishing pile). But she is actually someone I had been thinking of reading this year in any case. She is such a great diarist!


Actually I am really into it now and it is the book I most want to reach for (though I am still making sure I dip into several other books I am close to finishing as well every day). I was wondering about Dangerous Crossing--I looked at it but then decided it was more thriller-ish than light and romancey. Nicky Pellegrino was the other option--I couldn't quite decide, and for once just stuck with one (rather than starting Both of them), but I have it close at hand. I have never read Elin Hilderbrand--I do tend to like to read books with foreign settings but sometimes I don't mind stories set close by. I pulled out a book by Nancy Thayer--I think it is set in Maine--have you read her? I will check out Elin's books, too!


I keep eying Mary Stewart and I suspect I will pick up (or maybe Barbara Michaels) before too long. I have an Agatha Christie on my nightstand and was thinking it is time to finish it(see, if you wait long enough a book that you set aside will all of a sudden be the one you want most to read--lol). I have yet to read any of the Anne books....can you believe it?!


I love Maisie. I have read all those books save the most recent one, and I am in line (a rather long line....) for it now. I am glad you enjoy them, too. How far along in the series are you?

Linda Chapman

Hello! I just stumbled across your blog when I googled Daphne Du Maurier Split Second and what I delight I found here! Your post from that Google search was September 22, 2009. I believe I was successful in leaving a comment on that post.
I have save this blog to my favorites on the commputer as I could not find a link to 'follow' you.
I am not nearly as prolific a reader as yourself but I know for a certainty I am so going to enjoy visiting you here at a Work in Progress!


Some second thoughts Danielle: I can't remember how much of Barbara Pym you've read, except maybe Quartet in Autumn (which I like very much, but isn't typical Pym and is definitely not light). If you have some unread Pym novels, one of those might be good. I love Excellent Women. Crampton Hodnet is an very early one and, while not as good as the best of the later novels, is very light and fun. Or if you're in an English mood but don't want Pym, maybe one of the lighter Perrsephones, like "Miss Buncle's Book" or Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day"?


Hi Linda--Thanks so much for your comment and I am so glad you found me via Daphne du Maurier! I love her short stories and return to them quite often! I think Typepad is weird in that there is not a place to 'follow' or subscribe, but I do hope you visit often and please always feel free to leave a comment--I very much love bookish chat and like to hear what others are reading, too. Sometimes I think of giving up blogging, but I know I would miss these sorts of exchanges! Happy Reading!


How funny--I have not read a lot of Pym (and am so happy there are still lots to discover), but one of the others I have read recently and liked very much is Crampton Hodnet--we share the same taste in Pym novels. I think Jane and Prudence was mentioned in the Hill book of reading essays and I was thinking that would be a good one to turn to next. I am sure I would like MIss Buncle--actually that might be the perfect Persephone to pick up--I keep looking but never picking. Miss Pettigrew is a delight and it is probably just about time to reread it. Thanks for the suggestions!

Margaret Powling

Yes, Danielle, I've already ordered the Katharine McMahon! And don't forget Charlotte Betts, she has a new one out this year, too. And then there's Jane Thynne - her series of novels starting with Black Roses is great. Yes, our tastes in reading often overlap!
Margaret P


I might have to pre-order the McMahon, too. I love her books and she is one of the few authors I have happily reread, too. I didn't know about the other two authors' new books. I have yet to read any of those Thynne series books, but I do have the first one. I need to remedy that!

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