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I’m not much of a short story reader, but maybe since it’s Short Story Month, I’ll be inspired to read a couple. I’ve got collections that have several of the stories mentioned in the article so that would be a good starting point. Thanks!

BTW, I’ve been enjoying the Serial Reader app which was mentioned in an article you shared awhile ago. You pick one of the books they offer, and they send you a short installment every day. They offer mostly classics, with lots of science fiction. I’ve tried mostly books that can be read in 2-3 weeks of installments, but they also have lots of longer works, and I might try one of them next. Les Miserables? The Three Musketeers?


Generally I love short stories and in the past have read lots of them, but last year and now this I seem to have slowed down considerably, but my reading has been wonky in general for the last couple of years, too. I am not sure what to do to get back on track. When I do pick them up, though, I love them. I have the one by Eudora Welty pulled out so I hope this weekend to Finally read it. You'll have to let me know if you do read any and which ones! Which of the serial reads are you doing? Is it the subscription service where you pay for the story? I am almost finished with West Cork and flew through the first season of Serial--the true crime show. I can get access to some of the Great Courses programs through my library and I keep thinking I need to pick one and listen--they have one on detective fiction I am interested in--and a short story one, too, though I am not sure if that is one of the programs on offer. I loved The Three Musketeers--Les Miserables is one book I hate to admit, that I would not have minded picking up the abridged version (which normally I would never think of doing).


I forgot that May is short story month! Thank you for the reminder. I may go the library and specifically look for some short stories. I don't read very many so my stack of choices is probably pretty limited!


“Serial Reader” is the name of the app, and it is free but you can get some additional features for $2.99. The books available are out of copyright, and after you sign up and pick a book, they send a 10-15 minute reading every day to the app. So far, I’ve read Voyage to Arcturus (sci fi), and Candide. Now I’’ve just started Notes from the Underground (a very strange book). The app shows how many installments each book has — Les Miserables would take 233 installments read this way! But The Three Musketeers sounds appealing and is “only” 90 installments so it might be fun to read over the summer.

Loved “Serial”. Did you hear his legal request for a new trial was granted? West Cork sounds good, but I was worried it might be too violent/gory for me. The local library here has some Great Courses, too, which is such a nice feature to have available. I don’t think they have the two you mention, though—mostly history and music.


Wanted to share this little story. My mother read Les Miserables when she was in college, and she was so enthusiastic about the story that her sister got a copy to read. After she read it, she was much less enthusiastic — the book was so long, and the story was good, but it was constantly interrupted by philosophic passages, etc. Philosophic passages? My mother didn’t remember any of those in her copy—so she looked and it turned out she’d read the abridged version. So in this case maybe it’s better to read the version that leaves you loving the book, I think!


I need to remind myself it seems. I love short stories, but I don't seem to be reading many of them at the moment.


I must look that up now. I like the idea of a book in intallments--maybe that is what I need to try with a classic! I did enjoy Serial--might listen to the second season soon, but after West Cork I might also listen to one of my Audible books. West Cork is not really graphic, but it is disturbing and I am not sure if they ever even solved the crime. Interesting about the new trial--another crime where you wonder what the truth is--I am not sure they ever came to a conclusion on the show?


I think you are right--and that is a great story. I loved the unabridged version of Count of Monte Cristo--even with all those asides, though it was more adventure than philosophy really. Les Miserables was just a little too much and it started to feel a bit of a slog. Maybe I should reread just the abridged version and will be left with happier memories?!


West Cork sounds good, but I think I’ll pass. One thing I’ve learned from audiobooks is that I can tolerate some books/stories better in print where I can skim or skip disturbing sections more easily. I don’t think Serial reached a conclusion ( in the first series), but since they showed his attorney missed the boat on so many issues, (and for other clients as well), it seemed like he should get a new trial with someone less shady representing him..


Yes, I know what you mean by audio books. I choose very carefully, too. West Cork is just descriptive enough that if you prefer not to listen to crime stories, this might be a safe one to 'pass' on! It is hard to cage when the it will get a little too much when it comes to NF especially. So, it sounds like with Serial I didn't miss anything. I did Google it after I finished listening, but nothing really has been resolved. I am not sure what to think about it all--one of those situations where maybe you will never know the truth--which is sad for the victim and her family.

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