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Simon T

You can imagine how my love of Beverley grew even more intense when I got to him on cats! Nobody writes better about them - so observantly and affectionately.


Those extracts do indeed sound charming and I'm very fond of cats. Will check this out, thanks for the review.


I have this on my shelves. I'll have to pull it off soon. Your quotes make it very appealing.


One of my husband's favorite authors, he has all of his books.


Beverley is just wonderful. Yes - let’s force his books on everyone!

Margaret Powling

Merry Hall is, indeed, a merry book, Danielle! But please don't forget this is a work of fiction but based on fact. I love Beverley's books.
Margaret P


Oh now I really want to read this as it sounds just perfect for me!
I'm sure I remember Beverley Nichols on TV in something cat related in the 70's: I want to say in an ad for cat food but I may have just made that up!


I had that very same reaction! I was enjoying it well enough, but when a writer also loves cats... well, that cemented our relationship! ;)


It is seriously charming--one I can feel reasonably assured that it will be liked by other readers! I only wish there were some photos, though the line drawings are very nice.


I didn't even share the best sections I marked! I thought it would go overboard to keep adding all the things that made me smile. It's definitely a keeper, so nice that you have a copy on your shelves.


I can see why! I think this is the first of three books so I will have to order the next to have handy. My library has the gardening book he is so well known for and I looked at it--is is much loved and obviously much read.


I agree. I feel confident passing his (at least this one and I suspect all the others, too) on to my friends. Especially gardeners (or lovers of gardens) and cat people (which probably pretty much includes all my friends...).


It is really a delight. I only wish there was a photo of the real house that offered the inspiration for this--I will have to see if one of his memoirs has photos. He is someone I will return to for sure.


I think you will really enjoy this as you like nature books and there is lots about the gardens--more about the gardens than the house and One and Four make many appearances!


This sounds so delightful! I haven't read any of his works, so will have to hunt them up.

Now that we have a dog again, I am so much appreciating my cat! The dog is a sweetheart, but the cat is so soothing to be with. And I feel honored when she chooses to be with me (the dog loves everyone indiscriminately).


He is worth looking for. I bet your library will have a copy or there might well be used copies floating around as I think he was quite popular in the day! Dogs are pretty happy to be with anyone happy to be with them. Cats are discerning--so you obviously are high quality company! :)

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