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I definitely want to make a dent in my reading but I swear lately I feel like I just keep getting distracted by projects and such. Hope you enjoy the weekend, Danielle!


After a very silly hot spell, this weekend will see us taking some long, sunny walks in spring sunshine in the mid-60s--perfect.

I'd like to pick up some pots of herbs, loads of violas, and pansies, and...whatever else looks good.

How I long to visit a bookstore, but because the nearest one is 55 miles away, I'll do a bit of book shopping online. I do want to read Female Persuasion before people stop reading it and stop discussing it, so perhaps I'll order a copy.

And I'll continue reading Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman, my 890-page Russian tome.
Looks like Sunday will have some rain, so maybe I can hunker down to that.


Rain is due here, so maybe a quiet weekend with some organizing, cleaning, decluttering, and definitely reading. I just started a book you recommended awhile ago — Women’s Work by Elizabeth Wayland Barber — fascinating! Who knew that string was so important? Some of the technical weaving stuff is a bit over my head, but I’m gleaning what I can. And there are a few other lighter reading choices scattered around nearby ;) Hope you enjoy your weekend and the nice weather!


I was interested to see your reaction to Wolitzer's Female Persuasion, which I'm three-quarters of the way through. I'd been meaning to read one of Wolitzer's novels for some time (she's getting lots of attention these days), and thought I might as well start with this one, given all the hype it's receiving. I have to admit that I'm less than wowed -- perhaps I had unrealistic expectations beause of that hype. I almost stopped reading it a few chapters in. I didn't have a particular reason: it's not bad, the characters are fairly interesting and the various plot lines are fine (the coming of age one has been done a thousand times, but hey, that's o.k.). I perservered and things did pick up. All the attention given to the novel has focused on the female-friendship, female mentor angles but none of these relationships seem very real to me (for female friendship, go to Elena Ferrante, a thousand times better. For female mentorship -- well, where WOULD you go? Guess that's Wolitzer's point!). I have a feeling I should like this novel more than I do--it's well written, very topical, has some good social observations and a fair amount of humor. To be fair, I'm still reading so my ultimate verdict is still out, but at this point I regard it as an o.k., far from exceptional read.


That's a truly impressive stack of books! Next month I expect to see some real progress! (I hope you know I'm teasing you!)

It's hard to concentrate on just one or two reads when you have so much bounty to choose from!


I am distracted, too, but it seems as though I am distracted by nothing of much importance and I am not getting anything at all done (reading or otherwise). But I do feel like my reading has picked up once again. I wouldn't mind if I was doing something crafty instead-need to get back to my stitching!


Now that sounds like perfect weather. It seems to have gone from cold to hot here, too, but the weekend should be more temperate thankfully. I hate all the ups and downs with the weather. I used to pot lots of flowers to put on my porch, but I have gotten lazy about it in the past few years--mostly as they are not cheap and if I am not going to be dedicated to tending to them I don't want to waste the money but I love people who do. I would love to hear what you think of the Wolitzer novel. I was a little unsure at first but I ended up really liking it. I have read Grossman, but not that hefty novel. It was a memoir by him that I read a few years back. Such a long novel is a very good undertaking!


I am with you when it comes to organizing and decluttering. I started a little bit last weekend. It is not my favorite thing, so if I can manage one small project every weekend I will be happy. I am glad you are enjoying the book on weaving. It is such an amazing thing really that textiles were so very important and mostly a woman's realm. It has been pretty warm here, but I will take it over cold and icy any day!


Did you finish the Wolitzer? And did it go over better than it started? Sometimes it is hard to read a book when everyone is talking about it and you have high expectations--it can be hard to be wowed sometimes. I was not sure at first. It felt too much like an 'issue' book and that's all, but as I got to know the characters I liked how she told the story from a variety of angles. I didn't necessarily like all of the characters, but I liked how it all came together and I appreciated the novel much more than I expected. I am not sure it will be one of my favorite reads of the year but I did very much enjoy it. I have heard good things about her other books, so maybe they are even better than this one. I wonder if this novel just came at an opportune moment or if she wrote it in response to the atmosphere of current events?


All teasing aside, I actually Do hope that there will be some serious progress (one way or another) in a month's time! Yes, that is my problem--almost all are just too good, but I have been trying to revisit the same small handful every day in the hope that I will finish one and then add a 'new' one to the line up. It sounds so easy.... When do you go to Paris???


In early October! I know it will be here before I know it!


That is so exciting! Aren't you just giddy about the idea?? I am reading Eleanor Brown's Light of Paris right now. It starts in the US, but will very soon be moving on to Paris. Have you read it? You might like it, too!

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