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Oh wow, I feel like I also recently heard the phrase "pied-noir" and of course now I can't remember where! I do enjoy a good challenging read but I feel like I've been on a perpetual comfort/easy reads for a while now. I hope you enjoy this one, it does sound interesting.


The setting appeals to me, I spent time in desert areas in Jordan, and posted on my blog this week a photo I took of a camel race there.


I had never heard the term before but it helps in trying to visualize what the characters look like and what their histories are. I am really liking this book--challenging but not overwhelmingly so. I find I am reaching for it on my own and reading more than I plan as the story has got my attention!


I just took a peek at the photos--how cool. I would love to travel to that part of the world someday. I have an interest in the Middle East so maybe I will get there, but at least I like to read about it. I am really enjoying the book so far-you might take a look at it at the library if it appeals. The writing is really good!

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