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I requested I See You from the library. Sounds good, but scary.


What a fun prompt, and so many good choices. Almost any travel book would do, too. I’ve read the first five on your list. I enjoyed all the Agatha Christie’s —maybe Death in the Air was my favorite because of its peek into air travel of the thirties, although I always enjoy Tommy and Tuppence. And Strangers on the Train—classic Patricia Highsmith and add in the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie —scary stuff! I loved Travels with Charley when I read it but then I learned Steinbeck made up some of the people and conversations, and since it was presented as a memoir instead of fiction, that didn’t sit well with me. Your other choices sound good, too! Enjoy your weekend whatever you pick to read! My prompt for June is Pick a Stack, Any Stack, so I’ve picked a stack of unread books and am going to try to read a couple of books from the pile — first up, The Alchemist, which I see on a lot of lists but don’t know much about; however, it’s short and looks very readable.


THE SECRET ADVERSARY really doesn't take place aboard ship.


You have a great and varied collection of books to read for Planes Trains and Automobiles. I recently bought a copy of Travels with Charley as it has been years since I read it.


I've always wanted to read Travels with Charley. One day I'll get around to it. And oh, now I'm adding Circling the Sun to my list! I've read Beryl Markham's own memoir and it was very good. I'd like to see another perspective on her story.


I See You is a good one and I think an easy one to finish because you can't wait to figure out what happens. A great assortment of books and of course after reading this now I want to pick up a Christie! :) Great prompt to kick off the Summer!


It does sound disconcerting! I decided to start there and am reading it now. One of the narrators is the stalker and he watches a woman who is reading and totally absorbed in her book--yikes, that is me sometimes!


I read the Alchemist a long time ago--so long that the story has faded far from memory! I hate it when that happens, but there is the case for rereading--right? I decided to start with I See You as I am in the mood for a thriller but I am hoping to pick up another book, too. I might try that Agatha Christie set on the plane as it would be fun about reading about flying in the 30s. And I need to get to those Tommy and Tuppence books--they sound like great fun. I like the randomness of your prompt theme--I was thinking I might do something like that next year--maybe have really loose themes like a book from a particular bookcase or one in a series or with a blue cover--I like the nudge to look in stacks of books that I normally ignore and have been sitting around for ages with no attention given to them! But this is fun, too!


That's what I was thinking once I started reading the blurb, but that cover illustrations makes you think it does! I do want to read it, but I think it is a pass for this prompt! Thanks for the confirmation of that!


I need to read some Steinbeck--I am in the mood all of a sudden to read classics, and am already thinking about what will be next after Wharton's Custom of the Country. I like the sound of the Steinbeck--maybe it is time to read Grapes of Wrath? Or go back and finish (though would have to start all over again, I think) East of Eden!


My copy has been on my shelves for a few years now. I think I picked it up as a bookclub I was in was reading it, but then I never managed to get to it. I also read West with the Night and was thinking maybe it is time to reread it. The McClain book looks interesting!


Oh, so glad to hear that as I decided to read I See You first. I am in the mood for a good thriller and it looks promising. Now that I see you enjoyed it I feel more confident. She does draw you in right away and you are right--perfect summer reading!


I See You sounds like a great summer read; of course, a good suspense story fits any time of the year. I like your idea of randomness. In a way, a stack of books is like a random list (depending of course if you have your stacks organized or, in my case, not organized). Mixing up the selections keeps the prompts interesting. I like the ones that are pretty open ended too—like your choice for this month. Speaking of blue, my prompt list has “Something Blue” for later this year ;). I’m looking forward to it.


I love this prompt, and I see from today's post that you started with I See You. You can never go wrong with Christie, either.

Looking at your list, I realize I've never read Travels With Charley. I couldn't get through the only Steinbeck novel I ever tried to read, so maybe I should give this one a shot.


I like that--you can interpret blue in several ways, too. It is fun having a list of prompts that are random--it gives you a chance to explore your bookshelves to find a book that fits.


I need to read an Agatha Christie soon--I am very much in the mood for something classic/golden age of crime. Have you come across books published by Felony and Mayhem by the way? I love their books--they tend to reissue older mysteries/crime novels and at the moment I am reading one of their authors, Lenore Glen Offord. I am woefully underread when it comes to Steinbeck, too!


I think that I have--and what a terrific name for a company! I do love vintage mystery/crime, so will have to look out for them.


I check out their website every so often to see what new books they have republished--so glad there are mystery publishers like them around!


The Christies are never a bad choice! I have I see you in my pile somewhere, I might try it soon too.


I am in the mood for some vintage crime--I am reading a mystery set in WWII era San Francisco now and just started the next (for me) Laurie King/Mary Russell mystery--which is somewhere in the mid-1920s I think.

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