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I am in exactly the same space as you - but I don't have anything finished to share, at least in my needlework. I have been getting more garment sewing done lately. Hope you find the time to fit in the relaxation of stitching once again.

Joan Kyler

It's been so long since you posted about your needlework that I forgot that you do such lovely stitching. I have pieces I started decades ago and haven't worked on since then.


How nice to see a piece of stitching art here again. I love the soft colours. So good you have picked it up again I think, remembering how much you like it.
I have restarted both stitching and knitting a while ago and enjoying!


What a lovely design! It’s so pretty it must be fun to work on as you have a chance. What will it be when it’s finished?


Sorry life is being stressful, but happy to hear you've found time for some stitching.


I love your stitching posts, and I'm glad you found your project basket again (or whatever you call it)


It's amazing how therapeutic it feels to have a needle and thread in hand. I imagine sewing feels much the same with the added bonus of having something nice to wear when you finish! I have been working on it, but not much to show yet in the way of progress but will post another photo when I do!


It has been far too long since I have worked on this or any other stitching projects. I miss it and wish I had more free time. I almost always reach for a book, but really sometimes I am too tired to read but can still manage a few rows of stitching. I have plenty of projects just like yours by the way!


I hope there will be more to share, too. I really need this sort of distraction where I don't have to concentrate too hard but still have a little creative outlet. You will have to tell me about your needlework activities, too!


Thanks--it will be framed when I finish--it just has a part of a poem/saying and then flowers and other little motifs interspersed throughout. Hopefully next time I share a photo there will be more there so it is easier to tell where I am headed with the design!


Thanks Linda. Things will calm down again. At least this is a happy result of the stress--maybe I can get back into the stitching routine.


I have all sorts of bins and baskets with projects, but yet, that is just it! This has been sitting at the top of the pile, and it has such lovely colors--perfect choice for summer stitching even though the saying is winter-oriented!

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