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Can't wait for Clock Dance to come out.

I'm on a WWII reading streak...first was Lilac Girls, which I procrastinated about reading only because of what happens to some of the women. But...the author did a good job of presenting difficult material. Next up is The Paris Architect...again difficult subject matter. I have already read Room on Rue was different, but good.

I did read I See You because you mentioned it. Quite the story! I was positive I knew who the killer was...until I wasn't quite so sure. Even to the last page she's still giving you all you need to know. After reading this, I'm much more aware just how much I stick to a routine & predictable I am. Who could be watching?


Hope the discussion of Room on Rue Amelie was good. I’ve been visiting Paris, too, via The Most Beautiful Walk in the World: A Pedestrian in Paris by John Baxter—full of anecdotes and local flavor, like a trip to Paris without leaving home. (All right, not as much fun as a real trip ;). I’m excited to hear there is a new Anne Tyler coming out this summer. Since I still have Vinegar Girl on my TBR pile, though, I guess I’ll be reading that first. Look forward to hearing about Clock Dance. If reports are good, it could jump to the head of the line/top of the pile ;)


I understand very well the reluctance to read material that is too dark/sad/intense--some situations are "triggers" and I can't handle reading too much about them. This sounds like a book that wouldn't be too much, and the true story she based the book on sounds quite good.


That is also on my list as you can see. It sounds good and I think I would have planned on reading it in any case. Anymore I can only read so much WWII era novels--depending on the setting and what is likely to happen in the story. I have looked at the Lilac Girls but my hesitation is as you say--knowing bad things are likely to happen. Sometimes it is just the idea of it all but when I am reading I can get caught up in the story. I liked Rue Amelie, though it felt perhaps a little 'lighter' as stories go--maybe it was the obvious romance that was going on in the book?I am maybe in the mood to pick up another book, but maybe a nonfiction title. I am in the middle of I See You at the moment--it also makes me a little paranoid to think people DO pay attention sometimes--even when I feel like I am invisible.


It was good--the group is small and everyone likes to add to the discussion. I am really glad it formed and that there seems to be enough interest to keep meeting--once a month or so. I would love to go to Paris, but it is fun to at least read a book set there--that may well be the closest I get to any vacation this year. I am really enjoying The Vinegar Girl--I am nearly finished and plan on watching either the proper Taming of the Shrew play or a retelling of it--I saw one with the (rather easy on the eyes) Rufus Sewell that I think I can stream. It is going to be hot this weekend so I will be staying inside with the A/C--perfect movie weather. I think Clock Dance does not come out until next month!--But I have plenty of other books to keep me busy until then.


This is not too heavy--it helps that there is a romantic theme going through it--almost more romance than straightforward history, but there are bad things that do happen. I can only read so many books like this together, but I wouldn't mind reading some nonfiction. There is a book by Caroline Moorehead that I have on hand called Train in Winter that I am contemplating reading sometime this summer.


It's hard for me to read books set during war years but I have read some really wonderful stories. I just have to space them out! I like the sound of this one and think I'll have to add it to my list!


I used to love WWII books, but now I am very wary of them--they can be really emotionally draining! WWI books tend to be better for me as I usually pick up books about the homefront and not exactly battlefield scene books. It's just that WWII really affected everyone--not just soldiers so it is even more tragic to read books with that setting.

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