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I have books to finish this weekend: Sharon Bolton's latest The Craftsman which is every bit as good as her others and very hard to put down but equally not a good read for just before bed as it is chillingly gothic.
I also need to finish Louise Candlish's Our House, set in the modern London property market and frighteningly plausible - how would you react if you came back early from a weekend away and found someone else moving into your house in a desirable London street, who claims that you sold them the house? It is edge of seat stuff and I am hoping for a sunny Sunday in the garden to try and finish both.
That will give me a couple of days to read Salley Vickers' new novel The Librarian before it has to go back to the library., Hopefully that shouldn't be too hard as I recall flying through the last book of hers that I read, The Cleaner of Chartres.
I hope that you get chance to do all the things you want this weekend.


Enjoy your weekend’s reading! So glad you are enjoying Miss Buncle’s Book. I haven’t read the sequels, but have the next one on my TBR pile. Love the idea of a movie! Green Almonds sounds fascinating — another book for my list to check out. I’ve got a 1940s suspense novel from the library — The Horizontal Man by Helen Eustis, set at a women’s college where a popular professor has been murdered. It might make a good movie, too....


I know you will understand this when I say I've been deliberately finishing up books...I had too many on the go and was getting bogged down, but didn't want to start anything new. I've finished three or four books that I've been reading for a long while over the past couple of weeks and now I'm enjoying two new starts: Circe and Stephen King's The Stand. I still have a couple of non-fiction books in progress, so I'm not starting a new one of those just yet. So this weekend I hope to get deeper into both of my new books. I have a few household chores to do this weekend as well, but fingers crossed I'll have plenty of time to read!


So I misjudged the date the Salley Vickers book was due back - it is actually tomorrow (Monday 25th). As a result I spent as much time in the garden today trying to read it and I think I can confidently say you will love The Librarian.
I had forgotten just how good a writer Salley Vickers is and how wonderfully she draws you into her world. The book itself is rather lovely too with an apple-green fabric effect cover and a lovely painting of a woman reading.
Might have to buy it just for that - even though I am supposed to be clearing books out, not buying them!


Every time I see Sharon Bolton's name I immediately want to pick up where I left off with Lacey Flint or pick up one of her unread standalones. I really like her books and used to read each one immediately as it was released, but I have fallen behind. I actually have an ebook galley for Our House, but I am not a great ebook reader so I might end up just waiting for a physical copy at the library, but the premise is pretty tempting and very creepy. I have never read Salley Vickers, but I know I have at least one book somewhere... Well, I managed to finish Miss Buncle anyway, but then time just ran out and there was family stuff to deal with and you know how it all goes....


I have been pretty bad about buying books of late--I am milking the the last of my Christmas/Birthday gift cards from B&N--I try and only buy one book and have a coffee at the cafe each visit (So I can have a nice afternoon of leisure and book browsing without much expense) but they are limited when it comes to new books I really want (as I tend to want a lot of British books that they do not have--mostly there is a delay in publishing schedules)--or they just really only have bestseller stuff which is not always (actually rarely) what I am really looking for. So I think I have about four recently ordered books in process from The Book Depository including a new one by Hanan Al-Shaykh--have you ever read her? I have wanted to for ages and her newest--not yet published here--sounds especially inviting--The Occasional Virgin. I also have the Kamila Shamsie coming as it is in paperback and I really want to read it. I love the cover of the Vickers--I think I might have to order it are right it sounds like something I would like very much--just started The Rector's Daughter by FM Mayor as Susan Hill gave it lavish praise in her book of essays!


I finished Miss Buncle and it was thoroughly enjoyable. It would make a great movie--just like Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, don't you think? I need to concentrate on Green Almonds now as I am soon to lose access to the egalley! (ARCs of paper copies can be read as long as you like but ebooks go away--sadly). Thanks for the heads up on the Eustis--I had not heard of it but it sounds really good. It looks like it was included in that Library of American edition of women suspense writers from the 40s and 50s Sarah Weinman edited. I am trying to just get the Eustis in an original 40s edition via ILL. I like the academic setting--maybe a good August read? :)


Yes, I totally understand and need to focus more on that, too. I AM in theory, but then I get tempted by something and want to pick it up as soon as I finish a book (rather than picking up the next almost finished novel on my reading pile). The Stand is a nice chunky book that will keep you busy for a while. I also have Circe--an am eager to read it--you'll have to let me know what your first impression is! I finished one book this weekend though I had hoped to finish the romance I have been reading--I ran out of time as is always the case on weekends it seems!


Someone needs to get cracking on making that Miss Buncle movie! And good luck finishing Green Almonds before it disappears into cyberspace. Yes, that Library of America collection is the library book I have. I checked it out for The Blank Wall (which is a Persephone) but was tempted to read The Horizontal Man, too, after sampling it. What fun to read the original 1940s edition—good luck in your search. I am only about fifty pages in, but am enjoying the academic setting and the humorous bits.


I finished Green Almonds last night--it read pretty fast and was most enjoyable. I hope to share something about it here in the next day or so--if I can get myself organized before it goes away! I also got a library copy of the Eustis--just came in today so I can't wait to look it over tonight! And it is even humorous--bonus! :)

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