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I'm a big fan of short stories and have almost a full small bookshelf of collections and anthologies (not even counting those short stories I have only in digital format).

The Book of Tokyo sounds like one I'd really like to give a try. I'm a big fan of the stories of Murakami and the few other Japanese writers I've tried.

I got in the habit of reading (at least) one a week about 7.5 years ago when I 'invented' the Deal Me In short story reading challenge. You should consider joining in. ;-)


I'm currently reading a short story collection by Katherine Mansfield but I've sort of stalled on it a bit. Looking forward to getting back to it. You have a lot of interesting titles. I'm curious to hear more of The Book of Tokyo. Hope you'll enjoy your titles!


I have never read any of Murakami's short stories (actually have read very little of his work but I am planning on starting IQ84 this weekend as my 'big' summer read!--will have to try his stories). I have yet to dip into that collection.... I used to read at least one story a week and then would devote a Sunday post to them, and I was dedicated to doing that but I guess I needed a break which unfortunately meant I have fallen out of the habit. Now I do read them but it is all pretty haphazard and I need to get back to a routine. I will check out your deal me in--maybe that is what I need to get back into my habit! Thanks so much for leaving the comment and the link!


She is great! I have only read a handful of books by her but she is a master. I have also read her Journal that Persephone Books published which was really interesting. I think I need to dip into the Book of Tokyo since that seems to be an eye catching title! Maybe this weekend! I have lots of good reading choices I think!

Kristen M.

I actually just started reading Murakami's collection The Elephant Vanishes this morning! The strangest thing so far is that the first story is just the first chapter of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles and I was having the worst deja-vu until I figured that out.


I always think it is sort of weird when publishers take an excerpt from a novel and include it in a story collection/anthology. I wonder if the 'story' actually began as a story but then was fleshed out to become a novel. I have only read Sputnik Sweetheart by Murakami--but what I have read so far of IQ84 is really good. I have not tried his short stories--my library has his new collection, but I guess I will stick with the novel for the moment--lol.


I have read a few good ones recently at the writing retreat, and I've almost caught up with the Season of Stories emails. I'm curious about the Tokyo stories.


I think I need to pick that one up now--everyone seems intrigued by it. I need to ask you which stories I sent last time--I have been thinking about what to share next but I don't want to duplicate something I just sent!

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