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This sounds tempting, and I was able to borrow it from my library as an ebook so I’m looking forward to reading it. Thank you. (My only problem is it’s so easy to borrow books electronically, I tend to get carried away ;). You might be interested in a short book of poems I’m reading, Stranger’s Notebook by Nomi Stone, about “her encounter with one of the last traditional and cohesive Jewish communities in the Middle East and North Africa”, located on the island of Djerba, off the coast of Tunisia and traditionally believed to be founded in 586 BCE. Ms Stone writes about her visits and about the Muslim culture on the island as well from both an anthropologist’s objectivity and a poet’s sensitivity to nuance.


I have been reading a few books as ebooks, too, and my library seems to have gotten more generous in how many they allow to be checked out at once! I have been putting ebooks on my tablet that I actually am reading paper copies of--but I read the ebooks at the gym as it is much easier since I don't have to hold the book open on the bike! Thanks for the heads up on the Nomi Stone book-- I am going to look for it. I might have to do an ILL for it


...And I just ILL's it! Thanks!


You and your blog have given me so many good book ideas that I’m always tickled when I can return the favor.


I am Always happy to take reading suggestions and quite often do!! :)

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