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Another tough decision, but I guess the answer is win/win when the choices are all so good ;). I’ve seen some great reviews of The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock, and Michael Ondaatje is always interesting. The only one I’ve read is the Hornblower title, and that’s a classic sea tale. But they all sound tantalizing. I look forward to hearing more about whichever one you pick.
We both seem to have the sea in mind this month, although with our own twists. My prompt is: A Beach Read, and I’m interpreting it as a good book to read while sitting on the beach. I’m not going to the beach this summer, but why should I miss out on the beach reading, too? I’m thinking of reading Laura Lippmann’s Sunburn or maybe John Grisham’s caper story: The Racketeer, which I just started. Enjoy your July at sea!


I love beach reads and always make a point of picking a few. I am nowhere near a beach so it has to be a vicarious sort of thing, but I like to choose something beach-y, too. I have that Lippman--so you'll have to let me know about it if you choose that one. I have heard good things about it. I am reading the Ondaatje and I think it was a good choice as I have fallen right into the story from the start! I really want to read The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock, too, this summer.


I started reading, and enjoying, The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock and then had to take it back to the library before I had made much headway with it, I have just got my paws on it again and hopefully might get a bit further this time - it is certainly intriguing.
The only other one from your list that I have read is She Rises, but it wasn't really for me.
My big challenge this month is Thackeray's Vanity Fair: we have a TV adaptation coming up in the next month or so and I would like to try and at least read some of it before then.


That happens to me all the time sadly. I always try and do more than I know I have time to do! She Rises sounds interesting--maybe you mentioned it before and that is why I have been hesitant to read it, but will try eventually. If you get Vanity Fair soon, maybe we'll have it in the winter or next spring--may have to look for my own copy in anticipation?.....

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