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Lovely! And what a cosy picture you paint of working on your needlework and listening to Emma Thompson reading Howard’s End. Right now, I’m listening to a reading of David Copperfield by Simon Armitage who does a fabulous job on all the voices. I like to listen at night which means a certain amount of backtracking to where I fell asleep ;)


It's delightful! It seems to me that you work on linen, not on cotton, right? Cross-stitch with audiobooks is a real treat. When I was a teenager (introvert- nerdish me) I used to listen to radio plays while stitching.

Joan Kyler

I've read that weavers of Persian rugs intentionally made a few errors because they believed that only Allah was capable of perfection and to create something perfect was an affront to Allah. So, don't worry about a flaw here and there! It's a lovely piece of needlework.


I love it when actors are the readers on audio books as they always do the voices so well--and distinguish from one another. Since Emma Thompson was in the movie she is especially good. I will have to look for that one, too. And I also have to back track sometimes!


I do work in linen. I have new glasses (finally) and can see amazingly well again. Tiny print was looking really really tiny and now I don't have to use my magnifying glasses to see. Do I sound like a Jane Austen character--stitching in quiet but listening to audio book (rather than piano music maybe--lol). It is very relaxing.


I think I have heard the Amish do the same thing with their quilts! So, there we go--no need to worry about about a few errors. I didn't know that about rug makers--very cool. Thanks for the kind words. I am enjoying this more and more--trying not to look for another project (always try and do too much at once) and just concentrate on finishing this one!

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