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It has been years since I have read any Amy Tan, though I recall enjoying her work and I do have a fair few of her books to work through (there's a surprise!)
In my experience reviews on Amazon should be treated with caution - I have seen some really critical comments of books I have already read and thoroughly enjoyed.
Start reading with an open mind and see if the book 'takes hold' - if it does, great, if not , there are plenty more books out there which might fit the bill better at the moment.


Me, too. I loved the few books by her I have read and have been thinking of her storytelling. I know better than not to look at Amazon reviews--some of them are really crazy, but if I am there...I sometimes catch myself looking and then wondering what the person bases their criticism on. I tend to be a pretty generous reader, so I normally try and stay well away from Amazon--since a good number of those readers are really critical!

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