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What a nice mix of books! And you found an Agatha Christie I’ve never read and will have to look for one of these days. If only the reading of good books went as quick as the finding of good many great choices these days, it’s hard to fit them in.


The Zane Radcliffe looks intriguing and I definitely want to read Fiona Davis's new book as I loved the last one that I read.
I have read the first Jack Reacher and did enjoy it but not enough to make me want to go out and read the rest with any degree of urgency.

In a bit of a reading lull at the moment and thinking of taking most of my vast pile of library books back and concentrating on reading my own in a vain attempt to get the numbers down before I have to seriously get down to boxing them up for a move - there are already so many boxes that it is rather frightening especially as we will be downsizing quite considerably!


I am afraid the lovely surroundings the books in your first photograph are in, as well as how nicely the colours of those four books go together mostly grab my attention today.
It must say something about my reading I suppose
even if I don't know what exactly;)


Yes, I have the same library problems. I told James I would like to read a good book about the planets, and finding a DK one at the library, I put it on reserve. Proving that I am incapable of entering a library and leaving with only one book, I also borrowed WHEN THE STARS WENT TO WAR, about Hollywood during WWII and an absolutely exquisite drawn and calligraphed book by a Dutch author called JOURNEY TO THE ICE AGE, big full color paintings and sketches of his nature walks, then history of the area during medieval times and finally extrapolations of ice-age landscapes and life. It's gorgeous.


I always assumed all of Agatha Christie's books were in print, but maybe some of them are not. Or the titles have changed from UK versions and I am overlooking them! I wouldn't mind reading an Agatha Christie this fall. I need another mystery as I just finished one, but I am already considering two other authors...


I had never heard of him--it sounds pretty quirky and this was such an impulse buy, but as it was used and cheap even if it does not suit me I am not out much and can resell (or give it away). I think I am sort of with you on Jack Reacher. I am very much enjoying this first book but I am not sure I will be compelled to keep reading the series--or maybe not in any order but just if something appeals. We'll see--I have so many other mystery series that I am wanting to get back to these days. You are planning on moving? I really need to do some serious weeding too, but am So bad at that when it comes to books!!


The flowers are in front of my public library and they are in full bloom! They are indeed very lovely. I have been trying to only concentrate on a couple of books at a time. I do like spending more time with one story, but I still feel drawn to starting ever more books. I am trying to work on that habit! :)


You go into a library (or bookstore) looking for just one book or one topic and leave with three. I think that happens to me even when I go to the supermarket. I always have to look at their book rack. Mostly I can keep myself from buying any of them, but every so often--how did That end up in my basket. When the Stars Went to War sounds really interesting and I will have to look it up now!

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