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Heather Bond

Loved The Country Life! If you enjoy it I would recommend Lamb in Love by Carrie Brown. Takes place in a small country village so even works with your prompt.


Have had Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves on the TBR shelf for a bit. Am eager to read it and hear what others think if they have read it.


Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves is wonderful - I can thoroughly recommend it!


What a great prompt and fabulous list of choices. These all sound tempting to me, but I haven’t read any of them. I love Turgenev and William Trevor so I’d probably opt for one of those, although the Gladys Mitchell mystery might be irresistible


It is sitting on the top of my pile now and I hope to get to it this month-I will look up Carrie Brown too. I am very much enjoying a country setting--stories there seem so soothing!


I am eager to read it too and now I see it has gotten lots of good reviews, which is always nice!


It is moved to the top of my pile. I am trying very very hard to stay with my 'only four books' rotation. So far I have stuck with it, and finished two books, but it is barely a week into the month! We'll see if I can keep it up all through August. Of course it makes choosing the new book when I finish one, sort of agonizing!


I love William Trevor and need to try and read one from the pile of books by him I own! I thought I had read Turgenev, but apparently I only ever *think* about reading him! They all are tempting!

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