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I’m a multiple reader, too, and while the variety of voices and stories is great fun, it can really feel like it takes forever to finish a book. And somehow, no matter how much I’m enjoying a book, I do like to see the number of remaining pages visibly shrinking. My reading got in the weeds last month with started books getting overtaken by a very long impulse read, and I’m trying to get back on track. Your new pile looks very readable (and tote-able). How do you like Prime Suspect 1973?


I am very much liking Prime Suspect. I did see part of the PBS/BBC adaptation when it aired, but I am still enjoying reading it and getting more details. I didn't see the ending anyway. I binge watched the original show with Helen Mirren and loved it! I have been feeling overwhelmed by my massive pile of in progress books and had to do something drastic. I was finding myself stuffing so many book in my bookbag that it was getting crazy heavy and then I would not even have enough free time over the course of the day to read even two pages of each. This way I am hoping that I can make faster progress and feel like I am actually accomplishing something. I am hoping I won't be overly tempted by new books or library books. Two days in and I feel determined but I have a feeling I might easily waver--lol. If I can just give it One month!


Omg Danielle I'm shocked! ;) are midyear resolutions a thing now? I do read multiple books at the same time too, but if anything is stressful to you then it has to go


No, that's just me! I am so off track with everything right now, that if I don't pull back and settle down and try and focus a little I am going to go a little bonkers. I have settled on four (with an eye to just keeping it at three) books at a time--nothing new until I finish reading one of them. We'll see how it goes through the month of August. Four seems quite generous really, but maybe still I can finish faster than I was before!

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