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I loved this book! When I finished it, I wished I could get in my car and drive to Nightingale Books just to spend some more time there with these great characters. :D


I thoroughly enjoyed it too when I read it a year or so ago. You're right about Veronica Henry's back catalogue - I have a few on my shelves, and I will get around to reading them - hopefully.


I could live happily there, too. It seems very quaint and happy place to live. I love that idea of a restaurant in someone's home with just one meal a weekend. I wonder if someone actually does that--or is inspired to do it after reading the book!


She seems a good bet for comfort/escapist reading which you know I am all for. What is nice is that the story is escapist, but she is a good writer/plotter, too. I will keep her in reserve!

Margaret Powling

I also loved this book, a really nice, pleasant read.
Margaret P


Since this post is somewhat about bookstores I hope I'm not going too off topic to say that we just got home from a very pleasant visit in your city and were able to spend a couple of glorious hours in Jackson Street Booksellers (per your recommendation). Wow! I only wished for more time there. It was marvelous. And we loved Omaha. So much history and a couple of lovely museums and parks. We'll definitely be back sometime.


I will have to check out her other books now. Always nice to know of a good author who does comfort reads so well.


Sorry this is such a late reply--So glad you were able to check out Jackson St. I think I was in just shortly after you visited and Amanda, one of the owners mentioned that you had come in! They are really nice people and I love their bookstore--I can never leave without Something--and often more than I intended to buy! Glad you enjoyed your visit here and you will definitely have to come back--there are some nice museums, too and the Lauritzen Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places to visit, too!

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