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I am looking forward to the new Maisie Dobbs book. But like you I have not read "To Die But Once".

Andrew Blackman

Those new books sound great! I particularly like the sound of The Heavens. Hope you feel less tired as summer gives way to autumn.


A new Maisie Dobbs book! I was a bit disappointed in “To Die But Once”— but I’m looking forward to the new one. So many tempting books out there, but that (and the new Tana French) are at the top of my list. Hope you have a nice weekend and change of pace.


Oh, oh, oh . . . these all look sound like such enticing reads. Another Maisie Dobbs AND another Trigiani? What a great list this is. Best wishes as the hustle of the new school year opens up.


I must get back to Carol Goodman. I read quite a few of her books years ago but I think I am a bit behind now. I am also behind in the Maisie Dobbs series and with Adriana Trigiani and...and...and...


Life is all topsyturvy here as well - I think it must be the modern condition! Don't worry, you won't lose us - I marvel that you have time to do what you do anyway and still manage to read!
What a lovely collection of books! I love Lyndsay Faye's writing especially her series of books set in early 19th century New York so this change of period looks intriguing, and I am a fan of Adriana Trigiani too (I have just read Kiss Carlo set in 50's Philadelphia so I wonder if this follows some of the characters in that book?)
I can tell you that The Poison Bed is very good indeed, I think I have the Elizabeth Brooks book in my library pile but under a different title ( do wish publishers wouldn't do that!) and I am so far behind in the Maisie Dobbs series that I may have to start all over again (but I have a pile of unread ones waiting for me to catch up)
A new Elly Griffiths to look out for is very exciting especially as I have the latest in her series set in 50's Brighton still to read too and I must look out for a new Carol Goodman too although I have to admit finding her a bit of a patchy writer for me - I either thoroughly enjoy her book or am seriously underwhelmed by it!


I think it will likely be out in paperback before I get to it, which is not such a bad thing really. It is one of the few mystery series that I am almost all caught up with!


The Heavens is high on my list of books I plan on getting my hands on when it is released!. Thankfully the weather has been much milder (though rather wet) this past week, which has been a really nice respite! Maybe not so very many really hot days left.


What was it about the last Maisie mystery that was disappointing? I was hoping she had hit her stride again. For a while some of the stories were just so dark--I was happy to see Maisie back to regular sleuthing, but then we are getting back into another war era so she might do some interesting things once again? I hope all is well with you--school is back in session so work has been so crazy and I cannot seem to catch up on my own stuff! Have a great weekend and I hope to post this weekend here perhaps!


Lots of goodies and I suspect there are going to be loads more new books that I can't wait to get my hands on!! Yes, school is back in session and this first week has been super crazy busy!


For a while I read all her books just as they were released, but then I think one of them was a little disappointing and I just never got back to them. I really do want to, though. I feel an Adriana Trigiani splurge coming on.... :)


This week has been so crazy with classes back in session and faculty all wanting materials (that they Really should have requested in the summer.....) so I just am ready for a break to catch my breath. I think some of Adriana Trigiani's books follow the same family but not all of them do. And I do like reading books in an orderly manner.... ;) I am in the mood for some Italian-American family drama and she seems the perfect writer for it. Have you read the most recent Claire Fuller novel? I just ordered it after hearing an interview with her. I will look for The Poison Bed--there are so many new books out that I want to read but my reading time lately has been limited and then I am such a Slow reader. Elly Griffiths has been on my mind lately--maybe I need to read her other series set in the 50s--I have that first book. And I want to get back to Commissario Ricciardi, too.... I hope all is well with you, Liz. I miss chatting with all my book friends here, so maybe will try and post something this weekend!


Here’s my two cents via my Goodreads review: While the author deftly sets the scene in the early days of World War II, the many plot lines, events, and large cast of characters overwhelm the emotional impact of the story by constantly hurrying the reader along from storyline to storyline. Still a must read for anyone who enjoys this series and the continuing characters.


It's been a busy summer, and I haven't been able to keep up with commenting on even a reduced number of posts. I feel like I stay connected with you on Instagram at least.

That last book sounds especially good, and I'd like to get back to Ruth Holloway as well. I've never been able to get into Adriana Trigani for some reason. I think I've only read one of her books, and I remember putting one aside because it wasn't my cup of tea. Ha, finally, one author I don't feel compelled to read from start to finish!

Kristen M

How have I not heard of The Psychology of Time Travel when this summer seems to be all about time travel books for me?! I'll get that one on my list ASAP. :)


Oh Danielle sounds like you are super busy! The last couple of months have been busy for me too and I am so behind on all things blogging and everything else! Hang in there and hope things calm down. Thanks for the list. Lots of authors I enjoy are coming out with new books - yay!


I think I know what you mean--her novels do tend to cover a lot of ground these days. I think I actually like her earlier Maisie novels more, which is why I have not jumped right in to read this one right away. After she lost her baby and her husband things were pretty rocky and the stories just have a different tone to them. Still, I will keep reading as I like Maisie, too, and want to see what happens to her and her family/friends.


I can't keep up either--here I am replying to your comment Days later. I am not managing my time well or something, I guess. I think that is why I like Instagram--it is quick and easy and you don't have to write much so it seems more accessible now. I know what you mean--it can actually be a relief when you know you don't want or need to read an author--lol. And there are still loads more to fill that spot.


Isn't it nice when you come across a book that fits so nicely with what you are in the mood for? Sometimes I come across loads of books with a certain theme but don't jot them down, then I decide those are Just the books I want to read and can't remember what they were!


I seem to not be able to manage my time now like I used to. How did I do so much before and even when I was married. I think I just am taking some things much slower or something and time gets away from me. Anyway, I totally understand your situation and I am hoping things calm down a bit this fall. So many good books to read. I need to stop accumulating (and borrowing) and spend more time with my own books.

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