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I have heard good things about the Women of the Dunes. Books on hold are also in the main hall over here, but they have reshuffled all the shelves during the summer break and I'm lost! (just for a few visits I'm sure)


Hard to pick when they all sound so good! One thing I really like about Libby is that you can sample the beginning of a book and see if you want to read more (just as you can for Kindle books) but there are just too many good choices out there.


I have an earlier book by her that is similar suspense but I have not yet read it... I like the Scottish slant to this story. I am surrounded at home by stacks of books, which is nice, but....


I know. I *want* to read all of them but I also need to keep focused on my own stack. I am still keeping my current read pile to a minimum (about 3-4 which is not a lot for me--lol) but soon I will get to pick my book for Sept theme and I wouldn't mind reading something ghost story-ish in the spirit of the RIP readalong (which I won't formally join, but I like those sorts of books at this time of year!). Even with a longish weekend...


I originally thought it was great that I could check out my books myself at the library, but I've decided that I should avoid any such automation - library, supermarket or bank. It's jobs on the line and I don't want people being elbowed out of work by a machine. I think I'd like to read Women of the Dunes, although I am already in Scotland.


I am totally with you on the whole automation thing. I work in a library, too, where we have moved towards that sort of set up and lots of what we do is automated, too, and our staff has dwindled down. I do like the ability to grab my own books, but I have never actually used the self-check out stations at the library. I like chatting with the Circ people to be honest. Even the supermaket is automated now--and those machines annoy me to no end! There is nothing wrong with reading books set where you live! Sometimes it is interesting seeing a different perspective on a familiar place!


Welcome to my world! (Too many library books and not enough time to read. And why do they all come in at once, even when you place the holds at different times and you've got people ahead of you on the waiting list?) I look forward to seeing what you choose to read out of all your interesting choices.

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