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I've checked with my library. They don't have this book but another war diary 1943-1944 of Iris Origo. Which seems a pity as you really made me sit at the edge of my seat.


It is pretty new, so maybe they will get it eventually--literally just released here. Her other book is also well worth a read, though this is nice with its diary format and it is shorter, too. Teasers can be bad as well as good! ;)


I really enjoyed War in Val d'Orcia on your recommendation, and have been wanting to read more by her. I've got her name in my "authors to look for" list, but as you know, even when you want to read more by someone, sometimes it's hard to track down their work or squeeze it into the always growing TBR list/piles.


I really liked her first book too. I enjoyed this but wish I had more knowledge of the time and place to put it all into context.

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