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Deanna Rottenberg

What a lovely sampler! It looks as if it might be a Prairie Schooler pattern.


I think you will enjoy the book. I loved it and Eve Chase's first book which was published in the UK as Black Rabbit Hall.

Margaret Powling

How could I resist the Eve Chase book!!! Oh, Danielle, I should not read your blog, ha ha! I've bought it with the English title, which is The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde. I do wish publishers wouldn't do this, change the title for the UK/USA readership, so silly. If I enjoy it I expect I will buy her other title, Black Rabbit Hall. Right now I'm working my way through Alison Bruce's Cambridge-set crime series, and very good they are, too.
Lovely, neat stitches, by the way.
Margaret P


And another tempting choice! The Eve Chase book sounds like great summer reading. I might have to do A Month in the Country next month :). if you don’t mind my borrowing your idea. For South of the Border August, I’m going to give The Hacienda: A Memoir by Lisa St. Aubin de Terán a try. It’s set in the Andean region of Venezuela and looks like it has a bit of a political twist


Thank you. It very much has the PS look about it, which must be partially why I was so drawn to it. It actually comes from one of those Christmas holiday books they put out annually with stitching and crafty and cooking ideas. I don't always find designs that I really like in them, but I love this one.


Good to know as I have her first book, too. So far I am enjoying the story but I think I am more drawn (at the moment) to the story of the four sisters from the past rather than the contemporary thread. Bella is a real pill and I am not all that enthused by Jessie's love interest, but it is early days yet! :)


I am happy to send books other readers' way! I am enjoying this one and if you like stories with parallel storylines I think you will enjoy it too. I didn't realize they had changed the title--I wish they wouldn't do that either--there is nothing at all wrong with the original UK title, actually it appeals to me more than the US title. I have her first book, too. I need to pull out my copy of the first Alison Bruce mystery. I do love mysteries set in college/university towns.


I keep coming across books set in the countryside now, now that I have a book in progress! I always hope to read more than just one book for my prompt but I think I have not managed it at all this year (which is fine, too). You are more than welcome to take the prompt--it is a good one--lots of reading possibilities. I am curious about the de Teran as I am pretty sure it is somewhere on my shelves, too.

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