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Glad you are enjoying Ms Kinsey Millhone and her adventures. I agree the character and ambiance are as appealing as the detection in this series; both are good! A good mystery with a backlist is as close to a guarantee of good reading as we get, I guess. And in Kinsey’s case, there is a little time travel, too. (I just read a comment on another book, where the reviewer commented that she thought the book should be considered a historical novel because it took place in the eighties, Awhile ago, yes, but historic?)


Something tells me she would refuse your dinner invitation! Not because she is rude but she just seems to have her life all planned out and there isn't much room for diversions. You've met Rosie and Henry now, so it's safe to say that I love them both: they complete the series for me. Her style is strangely addictive - so matter-of-fact and, yet, not cold or detached, just solid, y'know?


I loved the early Grafton books. The middle? not so much & then she seemed to get back in her stride for the last ones. So sad her alphabet will end with Y. I think I enjoyed Kinsey being able to solve the problems using what was available back in the 80's...answering machines, typewriters, phone books & old fashioned foot work. No cell phone, gps or computer for her...not invented yet. The books may have taken 20 odd years to write, but time didn't progress that fast for Kinsey.


I am really enjoying the stories and wonder now why I never got around to reading her. I like how they connect up--it makes it fun to read them back to back more or less. I am not sure I would consider these historical novels (I always think of those being written in a 'contemporary' period about a much earlier time), though they do occasionally show their age. Not that that is a bad thing in my book!


I think you are right. Unless of course I had information on a case she was working on and then maybe we might meet at Rosie's and have a glass of wine or something and maybe some ethnic Hungarian dish which sounds quite appealing actually. Yes, Rosie and Henry are great supporting characters. Totally enjoying these so far!


I am on a good wave and am enjoying the momentum of moving from one book to another--we'll see how long it keeps up. I am not surprised that there are some saggy books somewhere along the way. I am not sure how anyone can write such a long standing series and not have a few that are less than exciting, but Kinsey is at least really interesting and likable, so maybe she will help carry me through! I think part of the appeal is just that--that she has to solve these cases with out the help of modern technology. It is not too far out of the realm of my own experiences, so fun to relive. And I like that books seem to be set fairly close in time, too. I take it Kinsey is not going to age too terribly much?


I rather envy you that you are just discovering Kinsey as the books have given me a great deal of enjoyment over the years and I can well remember the excitement of finding a new one!
I am going to have to get on and read 'Y is for Yesterday' in the next few days as I am almost at the limit of the loan period but I'm sure it will draw me in as all the others have over the decades!
I don't recall any of the Milhone books being disappointing - but maybe I'm viewing them through rose-coloured reading glasses!


I do think I am in or a treat. I am enjoying Kinsey and the mysteries. I am now on the third one--and have read them fairly close together so we will see how long I can keep it up. I guess she never got Z even started? That is a pity to have gotten so close. I suspect some of the mysteries will be more engaging than others but so far I am liking them. I have a feeling they will be pleasant diversions. Enjoy Y. You can always go back and read them again--do you have any favorites from the alphabet?

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