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I can imagine this would be disorienting but also satisfying to begin to see things take shape. Some of what you've said makes me think of Michael Ondaatje's latest, Warlight, which is also about the process of piecing together difficult childhood experiences with what what learns to have been true when an adult later in life - but this sounds like a more accessible and easily relatable story. No wonder you enjoyed it so much.


Even though there was a fair amount of sorting out of facts, it is a very accessible read. It is more a motivator to keep turning pages quickly to find out where things are going than anything else! I like these sorts of stories that make you work just a little but keep you intrigued too.


I like the sound of this one. I've primarily been reading books set in and about Paris (my trip is one week away!), and I'm looking forward to moving on to something different.


Yeah, I would be reading about Paris, too. Are yo going in October? I am excited for you--I live vicariously through my friends, you know. And I hope you will share photos on Instagram. I like reading a bunch of books of one theme, but then I think it makes you appreciate other stories all the more when you move on to something new!


Yes, we leave Oct. 3, and I do plan to post on Instagram. I love it when you're reading on a theme and there's "cross pollination"--I tend to remember what I read better when I do this, too.


Oh, you are there now! I meant to send my hello and have a good trip message--will have to catch you on IG. I hope you are having a really terrific time!!

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