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This sounds so good, will put it on my Amazon list.


This definitely sounds like something I need to read though I suspect I won't find it in the library!
I read and loved Sue Monk Kidd's book The Secret Life of Bees about 15 years ago and ended up passing it on to a lot of other people who all enjoyed it too. The film of it was okay, but the book is much better.


Brace yourself for a long comment. I have this book, and read it a few years ago not long after I went to Greece with my mother-in-law. I enjoyed the trip and the book very much, even though my age fell somewhere between Ann's and Sue's. Now that I'm over 50, I may pull it out and reread it.

I'm also becoming more drawn to books with older protagonists, and finding ones with young ones not as compelling. I think it's because I'm not connecting with their problems. I've (mostly) been there, done that. I'm thinking a "midlife" reading project might be on the cards--both fiction and nonfiction.

I have a book called Repacking Your Bags that is all about evaluating your life and shedding the practices and beliefs that you carry with you--self-help-y, but you might like it. I keep thinking I want to reread it.


Sue Monk Kidd is good. No doubt in my mind about that. I have read When the Heart Waits and The Dance Of the Dissident Daughter and would happily reread them both, again and then once more. Books like that I need to own. They are a part of my library of books for life. I did not know this one. I think her questions are valuable even though fifty for me is long ago. As is the idea of a pilgrimage in search of an initiation. It could happen at any age. Now I must try to find a copy..


Agree that Sue's voice in this book is more inline with my thinking. While I did like Pomegranates, I liked her Dance of the Dissent Daughter explains her backing away from patriarchal religion & gravitating more toward the feminine.

Also agree that I'd like to see the Greek Isles with or without her. I went as far as to check out the website of the company I'm pretty sure she used or is at least affiliated with, but that's as far as I got. Guess I'll see them through her eyes.


The book sounds great! I don't really read many books about getting older, but recently I read the memoir Educated, and I found myself rolling my eyes because the writer is just *too young*. My husband insists that we should go and visit the greek islands one day, and he's persistent, so who knows?


I've read a couple of books by Sue Monk Kidd and I bet you'd enjoy them too: The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair. And this phenomenon you've described, where a particular book seems to call to you: I know just what you mean!


What little I have read so far is really good! :)


I think it is a few years old now, so perhaps you will. She is pretty popular so they might have her nonfiction book, too! I also read Secret Life of Bees and recall very much enjoying it. I didn't see the film--didn't realize that it had actually been made into a movie! I like the sound of her other novels, too!


I never mind your comments--long are wonderful! I am liking Ann's parts more than I thought--even though I was thinking I would relate more to Sue's sections. It's all good and I love the references to Greece and mythology. I am not sure when it happened but I find myself being more interested in middle age protagonists almost more than any other age. I resisted for a long time, but now I understand the problems they deal with. I will take a look at Repacking Your Bags--I have for a long time now (it feels like a long time anyway) been wanting to reinvent myself--I guess I am at a point in life where I am reevaluating things!


I didn't realize she had written so many books--I only know her from her more famous novel which I read years ago. I like reading about women who are struggling with the same things I am now. I will look up the other titles you mention now, too! And I am enjoying this one very much!


Another one to add to my reading list I can see. I like the references to mythology as much as her 'struggle' with turning 50. I would love someday to go to Greece--I am not sure it will ever happen, but every time I read a book like this it makes me think I would like it very much to see and experience the places Sue talks about.


Yes, you are so close to Greece you should go! I think it much more likely you would go--so far away for me. I resisted reading anything about getting older because I did not want to see myself in that situation. Now anything that will help me understand the world as I now see it or deal with the feelings I have is welcome. When did this happen??!!


I read The Secret Life of Bees and really liked it. I like the sound of The Mermaid Chair, too, as that one caught my eye. Some books just come along at the right time, don't they?!

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