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Michelle Ann

I hope the new covers will encourage a new generation to read the books, but I think if I saw them in a bookshop, I would assume they were a series of books about dog-lovers!


It has been years since I read a Mosse book, and I have no idea why!

Joan Kyler

Good luck on your final resolution! I've been trying to do that (read my own books and not bring 'outsiders' in) for years! I was returning a book to the library the other day, borrowing four new ones, and they were having a library sale. So, I went home with four borrowed books and a bag of books from the sale.
BTW, The Grand Sophy was my introduction to Heyer's Regency Romances and I loved it. I laughed out loud at parts.


You are preaching to the choir when you say “It is so hard to leave a bookstore empty handed.” I try, I do try, but... Your bookish haul looks great. I’ve read and enjoyed some of the Lincoln Rhyme books and hope you enjoy The Bone Collector and your other finds. I’m trying to use the library more, but then I’m not reading the books I have. It’s a dilemma.


You showed remarkable restraint! I already commented on those Heyer books on Instagram--they are so pretty. My concern would be that they look too contemporary, and a reader expecting a modern romance would end up with historical romance...not that that is a bad thing, especially where Heyer is concerned, as she was dedicated to getting period detail right.

Good luck with the "stop accumulating" thing. As you know, I'm similarly afflicted. :)


Are those Heyer novels actually dog-related in any way? I like the idea of reading her, and I enjoy listening to people discuss her works and how comforting/enjoyable/entertaining they can be, but I'm not convinced she's a match for me. Hmmm. I liked Deaver's book and the scenes/sequence are good choices for this time of years. Overall, though, I don't enjoy the "big American male crime writers" as much as I enjoy the women writing in that field (so far, anyway, maybe I just haven't tried the right ones).


I looked up Winter Ghosts and it sounds perfect for me. It's on my list! Thanks for letting me know about Mosse.


The Winter Ghosts is really very good and it is quite a quick read too - very atmospheric!
Sorry but I really don't like those new covers for the Georgette Heyer Regency novels - if you aren't familiar with the titles and her work, they could be very misleading!
I wasn't a fan of the redesigned covers for Mary Stewart's books either ( I still think the line drawings on the covers of my 70's editions are much better!) but the Heyer covers are even worse!


'Arabella' was the first of Georgette Heyer's books that I actually read after I found a hardback copy on my mum's bookshelves when I was about 11. It didn't have a dust cover so I had no idea what it was about until I started reading but I was instantly hooked and it didn't hurt that the story begins in the town where I currently live and where I had briefly lived as a small child.
I didn't quite manage to read all of her Regency novels but I worked my way through a few and loved them - The Grand Sophy, Bath Tangle and The Convenient Marriage were favourites as I recall.
I have started collecting them again when I come across them and I'm doing quite well but I am having to resist the temptation to actively look online for missing titles - takes away the fun of the chase!


I think that is perhaps why they decided it was time to rejacket them--try and attract a younger (new) crowd of readers. I know what you mean, though. Are there dogs in any of her stories? Dogs seem to fit in the Regency era, but... ;)


I know--same with me. This seemed like a perfect read for this time of year (well for me since it is now starting to feel very fall-like).


My library hold list is quite short these days. I tend to request books pell mell--just whatever sounds sort of interesting even while I have a feeling I might not end up reading it. I am trying to be more discerning--otherwise it is lugging books back and forth for nothing! And ditto--the same for me and the last library book sale. I did cull the pile before I made final purchases, I guess. I have yet to read The Grand Sophy--it seems like a favorite with many Heyer fans. I am keeping it in reserve, I guess.


I at least have been trying to only make a one book only purchase. I figure if I go in knowing I am there for one special treat I don't feel so bad about putting so many books back. I never really considered buying books like the Deaver, but I think I will enjoy them. At least a taste is a good thing. I am SO bad about ordering and borrowing. I do try and read from my shelves but needless to say I cannot keep up!


Restraint is my middle name--lol. I think I must pull extra books from the shelves at stores just knowing that I am going to leave most of them behind. As if it makes me feel so much better that I am only buying one or two-hah. I always wonder about marketing strategies-I guess they must keep trying to find new readers for authors--especially those like Heyer who must seem really old fashioned to younger readers. (empty words those--I need to stop accumulating--so hard to do though easy to say).


No, not that I recall. But I guess they do look nice and evoke a certain idea for contents. A nice sort of romance--no boddice ripper, perhaps? Some authors you just figure are probably really good but you are not the right audience. I have decided that most dystopian/fantasy sort of YA novels are that--probably really entertaining but maybe not for me? I just want a smattering of US crime novels. I like the Lee Child book I am reading, but as amazing as Jack Reacher may seem I suspect I won't pick up another any time soon. Now Kinsey Millhone...I will follow her attentively. :)


It does appeal, doesn't it? I was just looking at ghost stories this morning while eating breakfast. I am also hoping for a Shirley Jackson reread, too. Mosse will definitely be on the agenda.


Glad to hear that. Just looking at the print it seems like it will be a quick and easy read. Just right for me at the moment. As the weather has suddenly turned cool, too, I am all ready for it. Since I know Heyer and how she writes the covers don't bother me, but I do know what you mean. They are nice but not exactly what you expect from a Regency romance. The Stewart reissues were nice, too, but not exactly the right spirit of the stories. I think my Touch Not the Cat by Mary Stewart has a very 70s feel and I love that book!


Books without dust jackets are sort of appealing since what is inside could be a real treasure! I found I do have an old copy of it, but I have not picked up any of her books despite being tempted. I have too many others I am in the middle of at the moment. I do need to get back to her as she is such a nice gentle sort of read. I binged on loads of them but I still have a fair few that remain unread. That's okay--something to pick up later. I loved Frederica, These Old Shades and The Corinthian to name a few. Oh yes, The Convenient Marriage was really good, too!


Re Dogs and Georgette Heyer Covers — I don’t know that I would choose to feature them on the covers, but there are dogs in both Frederica and in The Grand Sophy. As I recall, Frederica’s brothers have a large mixed breed dog who sometimes gets them into troubles, and The Grand Sophy has a small greyhound who is a good judge of character. And yes, I’ve read those books about a million times each ;).


Good luck with trying to slow down the accumulation of books. The only way I can do that is by not going into bookshops at all .But then there are still charity shops - and its for a good cause, so I really ought to buying books there? Shouldn't I? My real downfall is the Little Free Library in the shopping mall near me - I have to walk past it going between the tube and the supermarket, and can't help looking. I know the idea is to treat it like a library and return read books, but sometimes (often) I can't!


It is sort of an odd illustration--other than just looking kind of cozy and not overly specific like a boddice ripper, which Heyer is not at all--just a gentle romance. But maybe there is something about dogs (hinting dogs?) that the Regency era brings to mind? I would be interesting to know why they decided to illustrate the new ones as they did. And will all the other books feature dogs, too? (LOL). I have a few faves when it comes to Heyer's novels. I read a few duds, too, but they were all good comfort reads!


I can never pass up a little Free Library either. There are several in places where I could walk and sometimes do walk. But as you say, sometimes the best way to not accumulate is to steer clear of the tempting places. I don't feel so guilty about library books, but ordering new books and even my 'one book' bookstore visits every other week or so gives me the tiniest little tinge of --'what are you doing buying Another book'!! I guess we can think of it as therapy plus a way of boosting the local economy ? ;)

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