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I haven't been to one myself as I suspect I might want to adopt the lot, but there are quite a few in the UK including in Leeds which is quite close by which I would love to visit at some point even though I have my fur babies. I think they are a wonderful idea!
My daughter went to one in Milan a couple of times before she got her own cats and loved the experience - now she is a besotted Mother of Kittens so doesn't go in but I know she still walks past occasionally!


What a cool idea. Sounds like a fun place to hangout.


We went to a cat café in Korea and it was a lot of fun. Especially since we don't want to have a pet at home, at least we could go and have fun, and the kids had a blast.


This would be great fun! I'm lucky enough to have a sweet cat right now, but that wouldn't stop me from visiting these kitties. I used to get my cat "fix" at a local natural foods pet store. They had two store mascot kitties I'd always pet while I was buying my old dog's medication and food.


I walk by in the mornings but they have not been in their 'public' area--there is a tube where they can cross from this room to their back room, and I suspect they are where their food and cat beds are. I have yet to go in properly-I want to wait until the crowds have thinned--or go on a week day. I don't mind sharing, but (how bad this sounds) I kid of want to avoid going when there are little kids there. I love this idea, too. And I am afraid I will end up with a cat when I know I can't afford one! I do look forward to having one again someday, though!


I think it will be fun, even if only to buy a coffee and sit for a while and watch them through the window.


This is the next best thing, right? I would love a cat but I can't afford one now and am not at home enough anyway. So I can still interact and then not worry about the responsibility. It is a good way to introduce kids to pets, too, I think. They literally must be all over. Was the Korean cafe also a little cafe where you could drink/eat something?


I miss having a cat/or rather I had two cats. They were such lovely little companions (even when they were naughty). Someday I will have another one-but now is not the right time. I love seeing your cat and dog photos! And though I rarely go now, when I would go to Petco with my mom I had to look at all the little pets that were on offer. I do think they are a huge stress breaker!

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