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Amateur Reader (Tom)

Oh yes. The epistolary novel. Clarissa, what else?


Maybe 84 Charing Cross Road, although on second thought I guess it’s not a novel? One favorite is Letters from Yellowstone by Diane Smith where part of the drama is the competing scientific views of the members of an expedition. And I’m reading Dracula “in real time” which is an interesting way to experience the story told through letters and diary entries. Good luck with your prompt selection(s)!

My prompt this month is Time in the Country (thank you for the idea), and I’m thinking I’ll read The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen. Maybe I’ll be able to fit something else in, too. Time as they say will tell.


That's the one, isn't it? The classic epistolary novel that started it all. I have it and I do need (and want) to read it. It's such a massive doorstop of a book. I think it is one I should dedicate almost all my reading attention to when I do pick it up!


It doesn't matter-novel or not, they are all options! I thought of Dracula--perfect time of year and it has been long enough that I am actually due for a reread. Is Letters from Yellowstone a novel or nonfiction? Must look that one up! I really liked month in the country for a theme and you are sure to find lots that will work and be interesting. Elizabeth Bowen is yet another author I should really get back to!


Just got back from the library to find more books on your list that I 'need' to read!

Thoroughly enjoyed Letters from Yellowstone - fiction but according to the author bio, she's studied western & environmental history so I'm sure there's a lot of truth to what she writes.


Danielle, have you read Elinore Pruitt Stewart's "Letters of a Woman Homesteader"? I think you might enjoy it.


I love epistolary novels too. I have read Attachments and that was really sweet. Hope you enjoy it. And, I'm with you, glad to see the end of August and looking forward to the Fall. Which of course for us is still pretty warm but at least not 100s.


I don't know if it's favorite, but SORCERY AND CECILIA. Oh, wait--DADDY LONG-LEGS and DEAR ENEMY! I love DEAR ENEMY and wish someone would make a film of it (without the obnoxious eugenics twaddle).


Don't you hate it (okay maybe not) when that happens! I will have to look up Letters from Yellowstone--I love (well, love to try anyway_ any story that is told through letters!


No, but I think I might own a copy. Is it oversized and with photos? Or maybe I am mixing it up with something else. If it is women's letters all the better for me! :)


Attachments is very easy and happy reading. I can always use a book with a nice light touch like this one. It is much more temperate these days but this week it is going to be pretty warm (hurricanes mess up everyone's weather--though compared to the Coast, of course I can't really complain!!). If you visited here you would probably think it is pretty mild in comparison to where you live! :)


I have Sorcery and Cecilia and I meant to look for it--I am just not sure where I put it! I need to buy a copy of Dear Enemy and Daddy Long Legs--I think they might even be free online as ebooks. I have looked at them before and someday I will buy copies of them!


Yes, they're both online.


Oh I love epistolary novels! Some of my favorites are The Diary of a Provincial Lady series, The Boy Next Door series (which is told through emails and memos), Henrietta's War and Henrietta Sees It Through, The Historian, Attachments, Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society, and Fraulein Schmidt and Mr. Anstruther.

Favorite nonfic examples are 84, Charing Cross Road, Letters of a Woman Homesteader, C. S. Lewis' Letters to Children.

Wow this response got long...anyways, happy reading!


Hi Ashley, I love the suggestions you have left. I have read a few of them and own a few others. I have only read one of the Provincial Lady books and always forget there are more of those. I have those Henrietta books, too, which sound like great fun. I am still planning on watching the Guernsey film adaptation, but I really enjoyed the book and am a little afraid the movie will not live up to expectations... (No worries--comments really can't be too long in my opinion!). :)


I'd recommend Lady Susan by Jane Austen, it's quite short.


Ah, yes, that is a novel in letters (or diary entries?) isn't it? And it would be a classic, too! I wonder if I have it on my bookshelves.... Good idea!

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