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Definitely the journey, although there is something satisfying in reading the last page of a book, closing the cover, and crossing it off the list ;). Good luck with your goal to clear your nightstand piles by the end of the year. You’ve got a nice mix of books going, and Shirley Jackson is perfect for this time of the year. I’ve heard good things about the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, although I don’t know how true to the book it is. I’m rereading We Have Always Lived in the Castle and finding it quite spooky. Maybe next year, I’ll try The Haunting of Hill House—reading these when I was a teen, I missed a lot of the nuances of her characters’ quirky behavior which adds so much to the oddness and suspense of her stories.


I may have mentioned this before, but have you considered the audiobook of 1Q84? I know it is insanely long if you look at the number of hours, but I found it was such a seductive pleasure to listen to; I listened to half of it twice (that had something to do with my device - I'd intended to relisten to the entire book - you know how that kind of thing can happen *laughs*). Like you, I'm already looking ahead at the calendar, trying to wrangle my expectations down to reality.


Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows is really good so I would urge you to get back to that if you can.
As for Angela Thirkell - this will be the third winter when I will be attempting to finish High Rising , so you have done better than me!
Library books are just so tempting - it is so easy to add yet another title to my requests as I come across them but the consequence is that for yet another year my good intention to read only from my own shelves fails miserably!


I so admired and loved The Haunting of Hill House. How I wished, when I read it, that I had lots of people to talk to who had read it. I think it is a classic--so much to think about within it. Enjoy!!!


Always enjoy seeing what books you have on the nightstand. I've had to clear out some of my books in progress because when I feel like I'm making no progress then that's the best way for me to "start over". Enjoy your reads!


Yes, I like that satisfaction and am very much working my way towards it. I often get so wrapped up in the choosing of new books and desire to start new books that I lose sight of what I am actually reading-as weird as that sounds. Now that I have all these new November reading plans I do hope this means I don't chuck all that I said in this post into the garbage. I am nearly finished with the Shirley Jackson book and I like it even more than the first time around. I have also heard good things about the Netflix adaptation, though I get the feeling it is really its own thing and not so close to the Jackson story, which might be just as well really. Maybe next year I will reread We Have Always Lived in the Castle--and we can swap--lol. I do have several unread books by her that I have been neglecting, too. I like that her protagonists are women mainly, and they are of a certain type--I wonder if that makes them more apt to fall into these spooky, haunting situations?


I hadn't thought of an audio book--I am sort of weird about listening to books vs reading them. Some are okay as audio books, but sometimes listening to an audio book feels like cheating and there are certain books I don't want to cheat on. It makes no real sense, but it is just how I feel about some books--no real rhyme or reason. Now if I had read the book and then listened to the audio later--that is totally okay. The audio must have had a really good reader if you listened (even in part) to it two times! Who knows...I might shelve it now and try and revisit it in the new year--meaning I will have to skim what I have already read--but then I did not get too far into the story, so I guess that's okay?


I never think about what happens After the library books come in--I just know I want them.... At least I can take a nice good look at them and decide if I really want to read them or am willing to wait until they come out in paper later to try again. I don't know what it is about the Thirkell books. I will say the US editions are awful in terms of printing errors. So much so that it can be distracting. I like the sound of the stories and when reading them they are enjoyable, but somehow I never feel compelled to pick them up when it is a choice between it and something else I am really really enjoying. I like the Erotic Stories novel, but must admit that what slows me down are the stories that are in the story--the erotic stuff mostly just seems very silly. I guess I need to skim over those sections. I'm not a prude, but when other terms are used for body parts--it just sounds odd and offputting or something--lol. It would totally make a fun movie, though. And it is high on my nighttable, so I do really want to finish it and find out how the women's lives turn out.


Isn't it a great story? I am nearly finished (should be done by the end of Halloween night!)--perfect timing. I know what you mean--it is the sort of book that would make for a great conversation. I just read an intro to it from a newer edition and sadly the editor noted that while her work is excellent she is not widely read these days. Is that really true? If so, it's a shame and people don't know what they are missing out on!


Yes, I hate that making no progress on my in progress books. Maybe most readers go through this. I do wish I was the sort of reader who just picked up a book and read straight through rather than was in the middle of a dozen books, but I think it has to do with being such a mood reader. And my mood seems to change as often as I change clothes! LOl. I need to see what you are reading now, too, Iliana!


Now I’m very curious about The Haunting of Hill House! Can I wait until next year? ;) In We Have Always Lived in the Castle, the personalities/quirks of the two main characters definitely contributes to their situation, but so does their family and environment imo. One of the characters has agoraphobia, and I read Shirley Jackson did too, which may have helped her create those spooky atmospheres.


Danielle, you are so like me. I have started so many books and I don't quite know how I'll finish them all. My goodreads Currently reading list has 9! Ah well. Of course every time I'm picking one up I make tiny progress in the nighstand situation and I'm tempted to try yet another one!


Oh--Goodreads. I was just there this morning. I have been keeping track of the books I have finished, though I have fallen off Drastically with writing about them here--but I really need to catch up on my GR account by logging them all. Where do other readers find the time. I move so slowly with things it seems. I want to read everything and like you, am constantly looking longingly at my night table at the books in progress that I just can't seem to squeeze in. And then I buy something new or something comes in the mail and it takes so much self control Not to start it. And sometimes I start it anyway. Oh well--as long as we are enjoying whatever we are reading, right??


Haunting of Hill House is SO good--and so is the original movie. Am not sure I will watch the remake, which I think is different than the original story. Why wait--maybe you can squeeze it in sooner?!

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