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I really enjoyed this one. Definitely a feel good novel. And, you are so right, seems like this book would be the perfect rom-com for the screen.


I've got this one on my TBR! I've been meaning to read Rowell (remiss on that, too) but never quite got around to it yet. Looks like she has so many good books.


I know I said that I read this one, but it must have been another book of hers, because while this sounds like my idea of RR, the one I read was about a married couple (well, besides Eleanor and Park, which I adored). Now I'll have to go check. Either way, I enjoyed reading your thoughts about it, and I love that she's an Omaha girl (on your behalf)!


I could totally see this as a movie and am surprised it has not been snapped up. In any case it was a very fun read and I look forward to picking up another of her books!


I have a signed copy of Eleanor & Park from a local litfest I went to several years ago. She was interesting to hear speak. I am glad I Finally picked up one of her books!


I think she has more books out than I realized. This one does have one married couple in it, but it is the wife who is friends with the (one of the) main characters. The story is about the two friends really and then the love story part as well. It was well done and just the sort of romancey (but not exactly romance) novel I like.


I've only read her young adult books FANGIRL (because I've written fanfic) and CARRY ON. ATTACHMENTS sounds like fun.


I loved Attachments. I have one of her other books, which I think is also for adults (Eleanor and Park?--or maybe it is YA?). I think the other one is also set (or seems very much like) Omaha, so I really need to read it too! She is very talented--I am so glad to see someone from Omaha doing so well in the literary world!

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