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I'm so very glad that you're enjoying Kinsey. In my blog over the years, I have heralded her as a heroine, but it seems very few bloggers I know have read these books.
Reading about her and all her wonderful idiosyncrasies and her "never say die" attitude to everything always perks me up.


Nothing like discovering a good series you really enjoy! I’ve followed Kinsey from A to Y, and some day I’ll probably retrace the journey. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy reading about yours :).


I've only read her first book and don't know why I never continued with this series. Glad to hear you are enjoying it!


You are just motoring: I'm so glad that these have turned out to be such a great fit for you!


I think lots of readers have read and loved the Sue Grafton books. How did I ever manage to miss reading any of them sooner. But now I have lots to look forward to and enjoy. I love how Grafton adds a bit more on to her character--reveals more of her history with each book. I like her more and more.


I could see how it would be fun to revisit these. I think I will keep all of them (even as I read through them) and maybe they will be rereads for me someday. At least it will be fun if I keep them up and read them all steadily--so keep them and see where I have been...


I did the same exact thing. At least I *think* I read A at some point. And then I ended up giving away my copy thinking I would never pick up another book. I guess it is timing--now I pick the stories up and love Kinsey and her world!


I am just zipping through them--well, zipping for me anyway, which is still pretty slow, but almost four books down so far. And ready to move on to the fifth very soon. They are easy to get into and easy to read so I can see it is like eating popcorn or potato chips--you just keep dipping your hands in....

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