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Am looking forward to Morton's Clockmaker's Daughter.

As for your stitching kits, our Salvation Army has a fabric fair every spring. They start collecting anything & everything craft-wise a couple months in advance. Might be worth a phone call to see if your S Army has such a thing. I've destashed a lot of my stuff through them & feel good about it.


I am thoroughly enjoying the new Morton novel. I love that there is a bit of ghost story feel to it (I have not quite figured out just what is going on with all the characters....).

I put so much money into collecting my stash I hate to let it just go second hand and want to let other crafters and needleworkers enjoy it. I will have to see if my SA does something like that--it would be ideal. I just have SO Much. And while I am not ready to give up anything by favorite designers, I have a lot of stuff I bought on impulse that I really don't have much interest in these days. Better to keep select items that I will enjoy stitching and keeping or giving to friends! Thanks for the idea.


My old embroiders guild would often be given stash by people clearing out, families of stitchers who had died, stores closing, etc. Members used it and we used it for public programs, like working with children, in libraries, etc. Such gifts were much appreciated by all! Perhaps there is a guild chapter near you.


Fifty cent mysteries sounds like a great deal, and from your pictures, it looks like the library has a very tempting selection. The library here does something similar but only once a year. Monthly sales sound good, especially since if you miss going, you just have to wait a month for the next one and not a whole year... Good luck with your stash sorting. I should do something similar wth my craft supplies. A friend donated her unneeded fabric paints and other supplies to the local elementary school, but I don’t think they usually teach embroidery :(. Would eBay or Etsy be an option? I’m sure there are folks who would love to find those patterns and kits. Today is our first cool day in quite awhile, and the breeze and low humidity are so welcome, especially since my a/c just broke :(. There’s a stack of good books by the couch — some I’m reading, some I’m sorting through to winnow down the piles. Reading now: Books for Living by Will Schwalbe, Water, Water, Everywhere by Emily Kimbrough, Good Evening, Mrs Craven by Mollie Panter-Downes, a Harry Bosch mystery, and Never No More by Maura Laverty, a charming autobiographical novel about a young Irish girl who goes to live with her grandmother after her father dies — all about everyday life and happenings with the little Irish town.


Your library sales books look so neat. They don't seem to have the numbers you find on the spine of our books, which makes putting them on your shelf much more pleasant. Enjoy your finds, and the weekend!


I love a library book sale. My library had one last month where every book was just 5 cents. I came home with a bagful. :D


Very wet and quite windy here but surprisingly warm which feels rather odd! I would much rather it was colder and drier!
Don't know if it is the time of year but I'm not getting much done at the moment either - I seem to go to work, struggle home in the dark (don't get me started on the standard of bus services now!) have my evening meal and then it's time for bed. If I get to read a few pages it's a miracle and I'm left feeling as though I haven't achieved anything - again. Really need to get my act together!

That is a nice haul of books from your library sale, and in good condition too. The only one I have read is J. Courtney Sullivan's Saints For All Occasions which I very much enjoyed although I have read a couple of Quentin Jardine's other books and of course Sue Grafton.

The new take on Book of the Month club is intriguing but since the original ones cost me a fortune I think I will give it a miss for now.


I agree, I always think of a book sale as a great way to support the library and have no issue spending lots of money there! Funny you should mention the Book of the Month club, I just saw a tv ad for them yesterday and was totally surprised they were still a thing too! Glad you joined up and you got a cool book! Love seeing the stitching you have in progress.


Thanks--that is a great idea. I have no idea if we have a local guild but will check it out. And if they don't accept stash maybe they would have some suggestions, as well.


My library used to just do four sales a year--seasonally. They actually open their sale rooms every Thursday afternoon, but it is during my work hours--just as well since I really do not need to be going to weekly book sales--lol. I didn't go to them at all for years, but a coworker mentioned going so I had to check it out. I am amazed at how many books they get--the shelves are just packed--I thought there would not be so many after the first time I went--surely they would be cleared out, but packed again. I should probably not get into the habit of Always going. I have thought of trying to sell off stash, but it would require making sure I get to to the PO in a timely manner--not sure if it would be feasible for my schedule. I might just start off with the charts and supplies that are perhaps less popular or more easily available. I do have some more expensive stuff, which I hate to just give away randomly--less of a problem if I know they are going to someone who loves to stitch and realizes their worth--if that doesn't sound awfu;. Maybe I just need to start with the sorting and then decide what to give away. Sounds like you are all ready for fall reading. It snowed here yesterday--such crazy weather. Now it is back to mild-ish fall weather and thankfull the sun is out. I love Mollie Patner-Downes by the way and the Laverty sounds great!


Add me to the group Iliana's sitting in; I just heard about the BotM again last week. It does sound like fun. And you know I'm always in for a library sale! As for the donations of craft supplies, I know exactly how you feel: I had invested so much money in miniatures and had to part with all of them the year before last, and I was certainly struck by how much money I had invested. Even when I was in my first full-time job I was saving to buy things for that hobby and, then, to just give it all away. But I do think some committed hobby folks got some of it and maybe some of the rest ended up recruiting new members for the hobby - another way to look at it! It doesn't make sense to hang onto things when we know we cannot put them to use though - it's just a guilt-maker over there in the closet! And think of all the reading time that guilty feeling is interfering with!


The majority of the books in the library sale are donations from readers who 'recycle' their books. They are mostly gently used/read. The mass market books do tend to be older and sometimes somewhat beat up but entirely readable. We had a very snowy and icky (at least Sunday) weekend. Happily the sun is out now and the rest of the week should be pretty nice!


Wow, now that is a huge bargain. I guess that is one way to clear the shelves. Lots of people come to the library sales here with lists of books they are trying to find. I should be so organized. I tend to leave it up to chance--;)


It is wet and cool, well now the sun is out, but it has been an unusual fall--to match a weird summer. It is always so darn extreme. Can't we just have mild days?! I hate that the daylight gets shorter and shorter even while I like the coolness of the fall. I am in my usual rut, but reading lots--should say reading and STARTing lots of new books--finishing very very very slowly as is my usual M.O.! I like the BOMC but the editions are not quite as nice (hence the cheaper price) as the actual publisher editions. Still, it is a nice way to get bookmail--and what would I do without that!!


I have never seen a TV ad for books like that. I came across them on Instagram--surprise surprise--I seem to spend more time there online than anywhere else these days. I do wish I was better at stitching every day--I would get more done. I need more free time--don't we all?!


Since I am not going to do NYRB subscription--I feel like looking for something else. I will give BOMC a try, but I am eyeing the Peirene Press titles--though they come from the UK. Only three a year though rather than monthly. It is a little painful giving up crafting supplies as they were a huge investment. I wish I could get some money back, but I will at least keep the really nice stuff--the most expensive things or the things I love the most (and hope for time in the future to work on them). I guess I can slowly whittle away. I just need to Get to It. Start giving away.... You can always tell what I AM and Am Not working on--reading more books, then less needlework gets done, more needlework, fewer books. But when neither seems to budge....What AM I doing with my time...?!

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