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I'm planning to read The Quest for Christa T. (which has been on my shelves for nearly two decades - but you know what that's like). Your options all sound good. (I will try not to peer too closely!)


Oh dear, I really shouldn't be joining any more reading challenges/events but I don't think I can resist this one. Really like the premise of the first book. Enjoy German Lit reading month!


I have picked that up many times, but it looks a little challenging--let me know how it goes. I tried to keep my choices to a very few. At least I am more likely to finish a crime novel (especially one already in progress...).


I know--I have managed to avoid them all year long but now I am catching up All at Once it seems. I think this is a natural challenge for you to join since you have traveled to Germany so often. I suspect you have a few books on your shelves that would fit nicely!


These are some wonderful choices. I'm looking forward to seeing what yout think of them all.
Any writer who is compared to Sebald is probabaly great but challenging. I'll have to look that one up. It escaped my attention.
I don't think you add your links to our GLM site. You could also add a post like this. People tend to love them.
Thanks for this post, Danielle.


Not sure how many I will manage to read but I am reading Alex Beer's mystery now and hope to get in one more at least! And I will have to add the link to this to the GLM site, thanks for the reminder!

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